Friday, February 26, 2010

Gathering in the Desert 2010

I have managed to let nearly two months go by without a post. It is not as if I haven't been doing anything I have just been so busy that updating the blog fell way down the list. For the last several weeks I have been working on terrain and models for the Gathering in the Desert LOTR:SBG Indy GT. I have also gotten in a few practice games. The event was held last weekend at Empire Games in Gilbert AZ and was a huge success. I was not last and managed a record of 1-2-2 for the weekend.

Here are some pictures of the terrain pieces I did to support the event.

This creepy statue is from one of the Halloween village lines. I got it for about $1 a couple of years ago. I finally got around to basing and painting it.

The next four pictures are of a set of the LOTR ruins from GW mounted on one of the forest bases. I mounted the trees that should have been on this base to their own individual round bases. I used some of the extra limbs and leaves to tie the piece into a woodsy setting.

I also built a total of three sets of the Citadel Woods for the GiTD and painted them to match the set a did a few weeks ago for myself. I forgot to get pictures but they look just like mine. I painted two of the GW modular hills and two of the regular hills to match the Realm of Battle set I had already painted for the event.

After all the terrain was done I needed to do a few little projects for my GiTD army. This year I decided to take a Cirith Ungol army lead by Gorbag. Most of the army was Orcs which where already painted. I took Cirith Ungol because I wanted to use my Shelob model.

To round out this force all I needed to do was paint a Mordor Troll, Gorbag and finish the Banner Bearer.

Here are some links to more coverage of the event: