Thursday, November 14, 2019

British M3 Grant Squadron

Wow!  It has been 4 months since I last post anything here.  Amazing.  I have been very active in the hobby but I have just not been producing much content.  I have built lots of models lately but I have not finished many projects.

This time we have a British M3 Grant Squadron, or company as I call it, comprised of the HQ and three troops, or platoons.  These are 15mm plastic models from Battlefront Miniature for Flames of War.  This was part of an impulse purchase back in October and I was inspired to get them assembled and painted.  They have already seen action in three battles but, sadly, have not yet been victorious.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Israeli P'lugah Tan'kim continued

A few years ago I built an Israeli tank company for Fate of a Nation when it first came out.  This original project was centered on M50 and M51 Shermans with Sho't as a support.  Those first game were fun but I quickly discovered that the Sherman force was just not viable.  Most of the Israeli stuff was WAY too expensive points wise to be competitive. My primary opponent had Jordanians.  Jordanians lacked all the bells and whistles of the Israelis but there stuff was cheap and plentiful and very dangerous.  Fast forward to today and we have a new version of Fate of a Nation based on the Flames of War version 4 rules and 100 point system.  With this new version my old Israeli army was in need of an update.  My old army was about half the size needed for a standard game.  This gave me an opportunity to add more Sho't tanks to the force and give it much more punch.  I bought the new Jordanian starter set which gets you 5 Centurions which can be build as the Israeli Sho't version.

With these 5 additional tanks I now  have enough Sho't to build a formation of these tough tanks.  This will now be the backbone of my army.

Seven Sho't tanks come in at 63 point which is nearly 2/3 the entire points for the army.  Fortunately, everything else I have is supper cheap which will allow me to run a second formation of Shermans and still have lots of points left for support units.

I still need to get a few additional models to fully flesh the army out to 100 points but I am very close.  I actually think 100 point games might be too big for this period.  This army is heavily themed on the 6 Day War but my friends seems to be moving more towards the Yom Kippur War which means tougher Soviet tanks.  This may force me to look at adding Magach 6 tanks to stay in the fight.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

US Armored Rifle Platoon for Flames of War

I have been slowly getting back into Flames of War.  My friends and I have recently played a few games of v4 using the new army points/cards/lists.  These games have been fun and it has been nice to get my collection back on the table.  For a very long time I have wanted to add armored rifle platoons to my US forces.  About 5 years ago I built the half tracks for this unit but I never got back to the infantry.  I have fixed that and discovered I have enough unpainted to do an entire company so that has been added to the project list.

These figures are the old Battlefront metal figures.  They are technically the late war set but with the new v4 concept it turns out the mid-war and late war units are now identical.  The half tracks are plastic models from Plastic Soldier Company and I have a separate post about these.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

1st Battalion, Little Russia Grenadier Regiment

I am making good progress this spring on my long neglected Napoleonic project.  This time we have the 1st battalion of the Little Russia grenadier regiment.  To be honest, I had not set out to model this particular unit so I really have no idea if this looks 'correct' in terms of uniform.  It is the Little Russia regiment because Warlord kindly included flags in the box for this unit.

When I started my Russians I really knew nothing about Napoleonic Russians - how to configure the units, how to paint the uniforms, what are the flags all about?  Part of the joy of historical wargaming is the research and discovery of a new period or topic. 

Needless to say I have been doing a lot of research all-be-it on the internet.  Since I have been working on grenadiers that has been my main focus.  These figures are painted in the 1809-14 style with the old style shako and large plume.  I painted the jackets more inline with my understanding of the 1812 uniform (1812 being my area of interest for this project) with the red collars, cuffs and turnbacks.  The earlier uniforms used the red turnbacks but the collars and cuffs would have been the color of the Inspectorate (basically a region) that the unit was raised from.  In the case of this unit I think the cuffs and collars would have been pink to match the color in the flags.

FOr this unit I really have no idea if it ever wore this combination of uniform traits or not.  I am not even sure a unit could have retained the old style shako but been issued the new red and green jackets.  The amount of variation I found in my research leads me to believe it is plausible. 

Another area of confusion is how to structure the units.  I play Black Powder and these rules really don't get into how a unit should be built or appear just how many figures it has and what troop classification it is.  That should make things a little easier, or so I thought.  Since a grenadier battalion has different in-game stats it is important to be able to easily identify the unit on the table.  This battalion, with its large dramatic plumes will be easy to spot.  The trouble comes with the 3rd battalion (also know as the 2nd line battalion) which I have yet to model and paint.  I am leaning in the direction of building a unit just like this one but that would deviate from the history a bit. 

It turns out that a Russian grenadier regiment was not comprise solely or entirely of grenadiers.  They also contained fusiliers, which were the equivalent of the line regiment's musketeers. Basically regular soldiers. Prior to 1812 the regiment would have had a first battalion comprised on grenadiers just as I have modeled here.  The 3rd battalion would have been entirely fusiliers without the tall plumes.  This is likely to cause some confusion in game terms.  It gets more complicated for grenadiers in 1812 and beyond.  The unit structure at that time was basically identical to the structure for the line regiments - 2 companies of grenadiers, 4 companies of fusiliers/musketeers.  This certainly would make identification of grenadier regiments difficult on the table.  Quite the problem - units that look more like the historical counter parts or units that are easy to identify on the table.

Since I am much more a gamer than a button counting Napoleonic simulator I will go with easier to identify on the table.  This means that my grenadiers will all get the tall plume regardless of the style of shako or which battalion they represent.  This might send some purists into a tailspin but I think it will make the games more manageable and fun.  Besides, the grenadiers look cool so it will be neat to have a bunch of units running around.

As a final disclaimer, I really don't know much about this topic.  I am sure I have goofed some of this up but I am sure I will keep learning.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

US M3 Lee Platoon

I played another game of proper Flames of War v4 over the weekend.  This time I pulled out my Tunisian US tank company.  I have not played this army for a couple of years so it was nice to get is back on the table.  I took this three tank M3 Lee platoon for the first time but I needed to paint it.  For the game I just had the base colors on it.  It performed well in the game and so I thought it deserved to be finished.  These have been sadly sitting in my to-do pile for a few years.  I painted them based on a tank from the 13th armored regiment, 1st armored division in Tunisia in early 1943.  I am not sure how accurate my reference material is but I like the look of them.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Pavlovsk Grenadier Regiment

With my Napoleonic French at a usable point I decided to switch to Russians.  I am starting with grenadiers and the first unit is the Pavlovsk Grenadier regiment.  This is the first and the third battalions and the figures are all Warlord Games 28mm.  These are nice figures and are very easy to paint.

1st battalion front 
1st battalion rear

1st battalion command

3rd battalion front

3rd battalion rear

3rd battalion command

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Long ago, when I first started this blog, Blogger would automatically email me whenever someone posted a comment on one of my posts.  I came to rely on this heavily as a way to filter off the SPAM and to reply to anyone who have a legitimate comment.  Over the years the number of comments I received dropped as people moved away from following blogs and onto social media.  This drop in comments hid a change that Blogger made.  At some point it stopped sending me notifications of comments.  Recently I have noticed this but I lazily ignored it.  I figured I would get to it.  Today I got to it and I found a bit of a mess.  First, I missed a BUNCH of legitimate comments and for this I am truly sorry.  I don't want it to seem like I am ignoring people as that is not what is happening.  I have always been a bit slow on relies but I never intended to never reply.  The other issue is I now have an infestation of comment SPAM I was not aware of.  Starting today I will begin a review of all my posts and clean up the crap and reply to those I have missed.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Stormcast Eternals Castigators

I painted a small unit of Castigators for my Stormcast army.  These are the models that come in the Soul Wars set.  It is a little frustrating that this is not a 'legal' size unit for pitched battle games.  These are purchased in groups of three for pitched battles so you need one more or leave two at home.  Oh well.  This seems to be the way of building armies from the starter sets.

These add a much needed ranged combat capability for my Stormcast army but in their first game I was not impressed.  They are really designed to go against Nighthaunt armies (shocking) and are just marginally useful against others.  I will pick up the easy build box at some point so I can feild either 2 units of three or one unit of six.

The new Sacrosanct style Stormcast Eternal models are not my favorite.  With the Soul Wars release and the appearance of the Sacrosanct models we now have Stormcast models with more robes such.  What I like about the Stormcast models is the armor and now they are covering most of it up.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Everblaze Comet

I painted my first army specific Endless Spell for Age of Sigmar.  This is the Everblaze Comet for the Stormcast Eternals.  My friend, Randy, used one against me in a game last year and it was very effective.  I knew it would be a must have for my army.  I used it for the first time last weekend and it did well.  I need to be very careful in how I use it as it is not a predatory spell so it cannot be moved.

This model was super easy to build and paint.  It only has three pieces including the cool molded base.  I painted and flocked it in a couple of hours.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Khorne Bloodreavers

It has been a couple months since I have finished any painting projects.  I have been busy working on several things I just haven't finished anything until now.  This is my first unit of Bloodreavers for my Age of Sigmar Blades of Khorne army.  My collection for this army consists mostly of figures from AoS v1 starter set.  These figures are from that set.  They are actually pretty nice figures.  In game terms these guys are meat shields.  These were painted to tabletop standards and as usual look better in person (and arms length away).

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Kill Team Battle

Yesterday Tim and I got together for a game of Kill Team.  This was my 5th game since we decided to try the game out earlier this year.  This would be our first game using our own custom Kill Teams rather than the pre-generated teams from the starter set or the Rouge Trader set.  Tim used is Deathwatch kill team and I took my trusty Orks.

For this game we selected the Terror Tactics scenario.  The setting is a ruined sector frontieris settlement that has been taken over by an Ork Mekboy for his workshop.  The the goal of the battle is to do as much damage to the enemy as possible.  The first kill team to break is the looser. For this game we actually forgot to use any of the sector special rules.

Deployment is complete.  For the Scouting Phase the Orks select Take Forward Positions and and the Deathwatch selected Eliminate Sentries.  

Ork gunners move up to take better firing positions.

Deathwatch marines target the advancing Orks.  They score a single flesh wound on a Loota.

Orks advance on the DW who are taking cover behind the Mekboy workshop.

After a couple of turns of moving and shooting the Orks in the center have closed into melee with the DW.  Meanwhile the rest of the Orks are providing covering fire to keep the rest of the DW occupied.

The dense terrain made for some very close action.  A failed charge leaves and Ork in a bad spot.

DW Marines are dropping like flies.  The Grot has just killed a Space Marine with a close combat pistol shot and now looks to join another fight.

The DW sergeant has fallen and now this loan Space Marine is overwhelmed. He would stoically fight on as the rest of his team falls.

The loan surviver of the Deathwatch kill team manages to take out one more Ork and this results in the Ork force breaking.  The marine passes his break test and wins the battle.

At truly epic battle and a shocking win for the Deathwatch.  The marines took hit after hit and made save after save and took piles of flesh wounds before going down.  I really though that the Orks had this but time and again the failed to get that last wound.  This was the best game so far I think.

Tim and I are slowly getting the finer points of the game.  I still struggle with the command abilities.  What can I use and when is at the center of this.  I frequently forget to use these abilities at all.  Another aspect of the game that we have not yet used are the specialist traits.  This will open up new dimensions once we figure out how to use them.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Warhammer Arcane Ruins

My Finish it February has finished strong with another neglected project completed.  This time we have the Warhammer Arcane Ruins set.  This is an old kit and I am not sure if GW still makes it.  I have had it for many years.  I am not entirely sure how I acquired it but I think this might have been for our Lord of the Rings SBG events and it just never got built.  I assembled and primed this last year but for the last several months it has been sitting on the garage workbench gathering dust.

I think my Finish it February concept has been a success.  I completed 3 old, forgotten projects and make good progress on a 4th.  I also finished one new project at the beginning of the month.  Now I can start on something new with a clear conscience.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Shattered Dominion Objectives

Finish it February marches on.  The next neglected project completed are the AoS Shattered Dominion Objectives.  I got these at the same time as the Soul Wars set last year.  I built and primed them pretty quickly after I bought them but they then sat for months awaiting completion.  These will be useful for all sorts of fantasy games and some will be used in Sci-Fi games too.  I really like this set.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Shattered Dominion Objectives

Enscorcelled Armory

Hallowed Tomb

Iconoclast Axe

Realmvault Key

Soul Stone

The Realm’s Ransom

Trove of Arcane Glory