Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Goliath Reinforcements

Tim and I started another Necromunda campaign.  This time we are tying the Dominion Campaign from the HB rule book.  This is very similar to the original Turf War campaign from Gang War 1.  I am playing my Goliaths again and I needed some additional models for the campaign.

This is my Prospect, Burtha.  She is equipped with the Storm Welder.  This is a pretty cool model but it is much smaller than the other Goliath models.  She managed to play in two games and was killed in the second game.  She never pulled the trigger on that gun.

I find it interesting how much excitement there was for female Goliath models. They had to change the back story to allow for this which is fine with me. I am sure the other gangs will all get female models and it will be lauded as a very progressive thing.  I doubt, however, they will make the withered weaklings that are Escher males.

Next up we have Dugas, a Goliath Juve.  I really wish they would make specific Juve models.

He is equipped with a Forge World maul arm.  It doesn't fit exactly right be it is OK.  It would have been nice for GW to include more than one stub gun arm per sprue in the Goliath set.

This is Orme, another Goliath Juve. 

He has a Forge World ax and a converted Brute Cleaver.  Again, a lack of variation in basic weapons limits the plastic Goliaths.  Easier to get you to pay big $$ for FW kits I guess.

This is my first Stimmer, named Slasher.  We have come to refer to him as 'Pink Hulk.'  I was going for a roid-raging skin tone and I think this works.  He looks like he is hopped up on some dangerous chems.

So far he has been the star of my gang.  In fact, he is almost the only one who has been able to get things done.  Great model to boot.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

3rd Battalion, Little Russia Grenadier Regiment

 As part of the trade that got me the 12lb Russian artillery, Tim also painted a battalion of grenadiers.  These have been based and bannered as the 3rd Battalion of the Little Russia Grenadier regiment.  I have already painted the 1st battalion and Tim painted these to match. I think he did a good job matching my style.

With this battalion and the artillery I now have one fully painted brigade of Russians.  That is just enough to get a small game in.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Russian Napoleonic Artillery

 This is the first artillery unit for my Black Powder Russian Napoleonic army.  My friend, Tim, painted this for me earlier in the summer as part of a trade.  The model is from Warlord games and is pretty nice.  This represents a 12lb cannon.