Monday, June 27, 2011

Flames of War Late Germans Part 6

Tom's Germans are almost done. I have finished the first of two Pz IV platoons. With this one done I now only have 4 more tanks to complete the army. The last unit just needs decals and washes and I can deliver this to Tom.

Since I am going on vacation in a couple days he will have to wait until after the 4th for this.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Next Batch of Dwarves

I just finished July's batch of Dwarves for the tale of four gamer's challenge. These guys painted fast now that I have worked out the scheme. It is good that I finished these early as I am going on vacation at the end of the month.

This gives me a few weeks without having to thing about or paint dwarves.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Flames of War Late Germans Part 5

Last weekend I made a big push to finish up Tom's army but things didn't workout the way I planned. I did make huge progress but I only managed to finish the Company Command. I am SOOOO close to being done. Those damn decals are killing me. I already screwed up on and had to paint the tank number on by hand (and not I am not showing a picture of this).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flames of War Late Germans Part 4

The Panther platoon for Tom's army is now complete. Now I just need to finish the MkIV's and this thing is done.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ork Deff Dread

I needed a break from painting Panthers so I decided to finish my Deff Dread. I got this model last year as part of a large trade. It was already assembled and I started painting it months ago. It has been sitting on the paint table 90% done. This thing is so damn cool I may have to get another one just so I can build it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Durin's Folk the next 175 points

I have finally selected the next 175pts (actually 178) for our tale of four gamers challenge. My first 175pts played really well but now it is time to beef-up the numbers. I am adding 4 Khazad Guard, 6 Dwarf Bow, and 10 Dwarves with two handed axes. This will give me a 347 point army with 31 figures and 10 bow. I think it will do well in the next round.

On an unrelated side note, I spent last weekend repainting the office/hobby room and I cleaned off my paint desk. Here is a picture for proof.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Plastic Soldier T34 76/85

Ever since I started playing Flames of War I have wanted to do a mid/late war Soviet tank army but the high cost of Battlefront tanks kept me from jumping in. A few months ago I found out about Plastic Soldier company and the 15mm plastic tanks and infantry they are producing. I saw some pictures of the T34 set and was really excited. This was especially true with the price per tank about half of Battlefront.

Recently my local game store, Imperial Outpost Games, ordered in a few boxes and I was finally able to see these in the flesh. I was hooked! These things are amazing.

As you can see the kit will make 5 T34 models as either the 76 or the 85. The first tank I built was the T34 76. To be more accurate this is the T34 Model 43. It is the hardedge turret and the all rubber road wheels and lack of the box fuel tanks put this as a late 43 production. I would have loved to have seen the steel road wheels and the box fuel tanks as an option in the kit but it is still very nice.

The back of the box has the assembly instructions and a painting guide with Vallejo paint colors. The modle only has about 16 parts.

The sprue is very clean and well molded.

As you can see the finished model is very nice. I think it may be the best looking T34 in 15mm. My assembly is not the best and I found the tracks to be a little fiddly. I am sure this will improve as I build the remaining four tanks.

I will be buying several more boxes of these tanks and I will also be buying the PZ Mk IV for my Germans. I am really excited about the news that they will be producing a Sherman kit. The future of plastic kits for my hobby projects is looking bright.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flames of War Late Germans Part 3

I finished Tom's Tiger platoon last night. This project is slowly coming together. Next up is the Panther platoon and then 10 Pz IV.