Thursday, October 1, 2020

Q3 2020 Recap

Another quarter of the amazing, and slightly painful, year of 2020 is behind us.  Time for a recap of my hobby progress.  The idea with these recaps is to help keep my annual goals on track through the course of the year and, so far, I think it is helping.  Generally speaking, the time from July until the beginning of November is a tough time of year for me and I usually see a slowing in hobby productivity during this time.  This year is no different.


I have really neglected talking much about this game so far this year as most of my activity has been centered on purchases.  But this was actually my main goal for the year with this game - try and catch up on all the releases and keep up with the new stuff.  I have actually done pretty well with this so far this year.  I am still behind on the latest Escher stuff and the new Orlock stuff is coming soon so I will be spending a lot more money on this in 2020.

It has not all been about the purchases, I have made significant progress on painting my collection as well as building models.  Back in April I built the new Goliath figures.

Building is not all that has been happening.  This quarter I finally finished my long neglected Escher gang.  I started these nearly three years ago but just could not find the motivation to get them done. 

A new Necromunda campaign has started (OK it's just Tim and I playing some games) and I needed some additional members for my Goliaths so I painted a few more figures for that gang.

I have been working on painting terrain for Necromunda but so far none of it has been what I would call finished.  I have also played several games for far this year and many were in Q3.  If I do nothing else with this game this year it it will still be a big win.

Q3 was not all about Necromunda, however.  I had my first real distraction of the year in August.  I jumped into collecting Marvel Crisis Protocol.  I've not yet played the game so I have no opinion yet on the rules but the models are very cool.  The models alone are enough to make this a good purchase.

I managed to build all the models I have purchased for the game so far.

I did manage to paint one model - HULK.  The larger size of these figures will be a challenge for my painting style.

MCP is certainly a distraction as it was not on my radar at all at the beginning of the year but I have no regrets.  I love Marvel and I want to play a cool super hero game and this looks like the ticket.

There was another new game added to the collection in Q3 but this one cannot be counted as a distraction - World War III: Team Yankee.  I did say back in January that this game would likely suck me in once the new starter set was released and it did.  Tim and I each buy a set and I traded my Soviets for his Americans.  This gave us each a good starting force.  I also picked up the original Bannon's Boys set from my friend Mike, giving me more M1 and a couple of Cobras.

I managed to assemble nearly all my models.  These new TY plastic sets are really great models.

Once we have about 100 points assembled we got in our first game of the new edition.  It really played well and the game was a blast.  I thought the US forces were not going to have much of a chance against Soviet T-80 and T-64 force but I was able to pull out a win.  The game is so much faster than the WWII or even the FoAN versions.

Even though my painting production has dropped off, it has been a fun quarter for the most part.  The ongoing COVID drama is still making it hard to enjoy things but that seems to be slowly improving.

Models Assembled year to date (includes cleaning and prepping metal figures):

15mm FoW WWII - 11 (5 tanks, 2 aircraft)
15mm Team Yankee - 16 (16 tanks)
28mm Bolt Action - 8
28mm Age of Sigmar - 21 (5 Cav, 1 Mortis Engine)
28mm Necromunda - 7
28mm 40K - 7
28mm Terrain - 22
40mm Marvel Crisis Protocol - 23 (11 terrain. 1 HULK)

Total - 115

Figures painted year to date:

15mm FoW WWII - 212 (11 Tanks, 6 guns, 4 Rocket Launchers, 2 aircraft, 4 pillboxes and nests, 4 Objective Markers)
28mm Age of Sigmar - 14 (1 Mortis Engine, 2 Cav, 2 Realmgates)
28mm Napoleonic - 1
28mm Necromunda - 14
28mm 40K - 32 (17 Terrain)

Total - 273

Game Record to date:

Bolt Action 1-0-0
Gaslands 0-1-0
FoW Great War 0-2-0
FoW Mid-war 2-6-0
Team Yankee 1-0-0
Kill Team 2-0-0
Necromunda 4-3-0
Warhammer Underworlds 0-2-0

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Goliath Reinforcements

Tim and I started another Necromunda campaign.  This time we are tying the Dominion Campaign from the HB rule book.  This is very similar to the original Turf War campaign from Gang War 1.  I am playing my Goliaths again and I needed some additional models for the campaign.

This is my Prospect, Burtha.  She is equipped with the Storm Welder.  This is a pretty cool model but it is much smaller than the other Goliath models.  She managed to play in two games and was killed in the second game.  She never pulled the trigger on that gun.

I find it interesting how much excitement there was for female Goliath models. They had to change the back story to allow for this which is fine with me. I am sure the other gangs will all get female models and it will be lauded as a very progressive thing.  I doubt, however, they will make the withered weaklings that are Escher males.

Next up we have Dugas, a Goliath Juve.  I really wish they would make specific Juve models.

He is equipped with a Forge World maul arm.  It doesn't fit exactly right be it is OK.  It would have been nice for GW to include more than one stub gun arm per sprue in the Goliath set.

This is Orme, another Goliath Juve. 

He has a Forge World ax and a converted Brute Cleaver.  Again, a lack of variation in basic weapons limits the plastic Goliaths.  Easier to get you to pay big $$ for FW kits I guess.

This is my first Stimmer, named Slasher.  We have come to refer to him as 'Pink Hulk.'  I was going for a roid-raging skin tone and I think this works.  He looks like he is hopped up on some dangerous chems.

So far he has been the star of my gang.  In fact, he is almost the only one who has been able to get things done.  Great model to boot.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

3rd Battalion, Little Russia Grenadier Regiment

 As part of the trade that got me the 12lb Russian artillery, Tim also painted a battalion of grenadiers.  These have been based and bannered as the 3rd Battalion of the Little Russia Grenadier regiment.  I have already painted the 1st battalion and Tim painted these to match. I think he did a good job matching my style.

With this battalion and the artillery I now have one fully painted brigade of Russians.  That is just enough to get a small game in.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Russian Napoleonic Artillery

 This is the first artillery unit for my Black Powder Russian Napoleonic army.  My friend, Tim, painted this for me earlier in the summer as part of a trade.  The model is from Warlord games and is pretty nice.  This represents a 12lb cannon.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Marvel Crisis Protocol - HULK

I recently jumped into Marvel Crisis Protocol from Atomic Mass Games.  My friend, Tim, had an extra starter set and we worked out a trade and I ordered a few extras, including the HULK, to get started.  I've not played the game yet but I hope to try it soon.  I started with the HULK because, well HULK.  How can you not?  The model is really nice and very big.  MCP is more of a 36-40mm figure size so it is a little different for modeling and painting.  

This model required a surprising amount of gap filling that took a while to complete.  I think it was worth the effort but just beware these can be challenging to build.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Necromunda Escher Gang

Another long neglected project is finally done.  I built these models in 2017 when the Necromunda Underhive box was released.  I started painting them soon after but quickly lost interest.  Some this was due to playing the Goliaths and wanting to get them painted.  Another issue was I have grand designs to paint these really posh and stylish but than turned out to be uninspiring.  Anyway it is nice to have these done even if they turned out to just be table top quality.