Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Sector Fronteris - Kill Team

Finish it February rages on!  This was a huge project and I am really happy I got this done.  One of my goals for this year was to complete a sector terrain set for Kill Team and I can mark this off the list.  This set is from the Sector Fronteris set as well as the terrain from the Genestealer Cult and Adeptus Mechanicus kill team sets.

These are the Ryza-Pattern ruins for 40k and you can buy these in individual kits and also as part of a large set for 40K.  The Sector Fronteris set actually contains a fully intact Ryza-Pattern building and I don't think you can get this anywhere else.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Flames of War Pillboxes and MG Nests

Finish it February posts have been slow but work is progressing.  I finished these 15mm pillboxes and mg nests for Flames of War.  These are Battlefront models and I thought they were already painted when I bought them.  Unlike the dug in markers and other similar items these were unpainted.  I have already used them in a Great War battle.  They are a fun and easy paint project.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


My first Finish it February project is done.  This is the Gamma-Zhul-881 kill team from the orginal 2018 Kill Team box set.  I build and painted these to match the pre-configured kill team from the set.  This will form the core of my Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team.


Skitarii Vanguard

Skitarii Rangers

The team is comprised of 5 Skitarii Vanguard and 5 Skitarii Rangers.  The models are all existing models from the current 40K Skitarii box.  These are the first Admec models I have built and I really like them.  There is a ton of parts in the kit.

Dorox-0.4343 Vanguard Alpha - Kill Team Leader

Actus-1111 Skitarii Vanguard with radium rifle

Ar-99 Skitarii Vanguard Scout Specialist with radium carbine

Mu-575 Skitarii Vanguard with radium carbine

Sek-XXVII Skitarii Vanguard Gunner

Xixos-2918 Skitarii Ranger with galvanic rifle

Kappic-Schoelendt-18.1 Skitarii Ranger Comms Specialist

Tov-66.75/mk98 Skitarii Ranger Gunner with arc rifle

Decima-110 Skitarii Ranger with galvanic rifle

Gryphonne-Reductus-089 Skitarii Ranger with galvanic rifle
In game terms I prefer the Skitarii Ranger over the Vanguard.  The galvanic rifle seems to be a superior weapon but I have only limited experience and I may change my mind.  I am sure I will be getting another box of these as there are a few weapon options I would like to add to the kill team.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Finish it February 2020

Last year I started Finish if February as a way to motivate me to get stuff done.  Like a lot of gamers and hobbyist I have lots of half finish projects laying around.  Like these...

This month I will not start anything new and will focus on completing existing projects.  No model building or painting unless it has previously been started. New purchases are ok just no working on it this month.  As you can see from the samples about I have a lot to choose from.

Friday, January 31, 2020

IL-2 Shtrumoviks for Flames of War

My Flame of War Soviets now have some air support.  These are IL-2 Shturmovik flying tanks.  These have a formidable reputation in the history of the war but the FoW take is less than impressive.  I will need to try these a few more times to be sure but my first try was useless.  The models are Battlefront and are really nice.  Very easy to assemble and I just did a basic gamer paint job.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Soviet KV-8 Company for Flames of War

While these may look just like the KV-1 company I just posted these are very different tanks.  The KV-8 is the flamethrower variant of the KV-1.  They took the crappy 76mm gun out and replaced it with a crappier 45mm gun and a flamethrower.  These would be a super cool unit to take in support of a Soviet infantry formation when facing a German infantry force, but I doubt I will actually get to use them.  These models are old Battlefront resin and metal and are properly beefy.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Soviet KV-1 Company for Flames of War

I continue to plug away at my 15mm Soviet collection for Flames of War.  This is my KV-1 'company'.  It is only three tanks so not much of a company.  The models are the old Battlefront metal and resin and are pretty nice.  I have used this in a couple of games and they are terrors against German medium tanks like Pz III and IV but are next to useless against the big cats.  Still they are a must have for MW Soviets.