Wednesday, December 30, 2009

40K Game Images Part 3

A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I met up at Imperial Outpost for a day of 40K. We had five players - me, Tim, Tom, Brandon and Lonnie. The armies that took the field were Tyranids, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Daemonhunters. We managed to get in three games.

The Sisters fought the Tyranids and...well...the Sisters got wacked. It was not pretty.

The Imperial Guard fought the Daemonhunters and it was a close game that ended in a draw.

The last game was Imperial Guard vs. Space Marines. This was another close battle that also ended in a draw.
It was good to get the guys out for a day of gaming. Two of the five players played their frist games of 5th edition. Everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

40K Game Images Part 2

Today we have another collection of game images. This is from a game played at my friend tim's house in April of this year. The match was Sisters of Battle vs. Imperial Guard. This was a small 1000 point game.

I do recall that the IG captured the center building early and punished the sisters trying to turn the flank closest to the camera. I also recalled that he sent in his Stormtroopers to clear the building. I tried to get around the far building with mu Sentenels and got bogged down.

I think this game was a draw but it might have been a victory for the sisters. Either way it was a fun game. I realy need to remember to take pictures throughout the entire game and perhaps take some notes.

Monday, December 21, 2009

40K Game Images Part 1

This is the first of a series of posts I will be doing of pictures I have taken in various 40K games. These posts will be of pictures for games that I should have done battle reports for and never got to or battles that I did not take enought pictures of to make it worth it.

The pictures below are of a game played in, I think, April of 2009 (maybe not, I really can't remember) between my Kinghts of Eden Space Marines and my friend Lonnie's Tau. Lonnie was breifly back in town after working for months overseas and we decided to play a 2000 point battle.

I remember that this was a good and close game. The Tau pulled out the victory on the last turn. The game was played at Empire Games in Gilbert, AZ.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Social Studies Project

My daughter, Sharleen, has a project for her 6th grade social studies class to build an ancient Greek house. Naturally, being a model builder, this is a school project I am perfectly able to help with. The model represents an Athenian house that would have been home to a well-to-do citizen. Sharleen did all the research and designed the floor plan. Dad built the building and we both worked on the painting.

The model is 15"x15" and is on an 18"x18" base. There are two floors and a removable roof. The house is made from corkboard tiles and framing mat board.

When working on translating Sharleen's plan into the model I decided to build this as I would a 28mm gaming model. It is what I am most familiar with. She turns it in tomorrow and hopefully she gets a good grade. I am a little concerned that I may have helped a little too much...