Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have been working some more on my drawing projects lately. Here is a perspective exercise drawing from the excellent Vanishing Point book by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer. Turns out that a drawing like this takes a lot of time. I have about 8 hours in this project. This is ink over pencil and then rendered with colored pencil.

Sorry for the crappy picture. This is an 11"x17" drawing and my scanner will not work with paper that big. This is a digital photo of the drawing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gulavhar, Terror of Arnor

Here is my Gulavhar, Terror of Arnor that I painted for the Gathering in the Desert LOTR Indy GT. There was a painting competition as well as the game tourney and this was one of my entries. I assembled and painted this fig just a few days before the event. In fact, I finished it late on the eve of the event. This cost me in the judging as my rushed work was sloppy.

The model is a pain to build and the metal wings are hard to mount. I am already going to have to reattach one.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Angmar Army Board

I have finished my display board for my Lord of the Ring Angmar army. I will be playing in the Gathering in the Desert independent Lord of the Rings Grand Tournament at the end of the month. My painting scores in the last couple of events I have attended have been very close to the top but I need a little something more if I will have a chance a best painted. A display board is a must.

Angmar is described as a broken and dieing land. It is not the total wasteland like Mordor but that is the direction it is going. With this in mind I wanted a rocky and barren board with only slight amounts of vegetation. Naturally the board would need to match the basing of the army so the color selection was easy - just use what I used for the figure bases.

A lot of army boards will have holes cut so that the figure bases sit flush with the board surface. This generally looks very nice BUT if you change the army you might not be able to reuse the board. I put too much work into this to risk having to junk it if the army changed. I elected to take the approach of building it like a piece of gaming terrain.

The base of the army board is a framed bulletin board from Walmart. It cost about $7. For most of the build I had the frame taped off because I wanted to preserve the fake wood finish. The hills are made of cork tiles with a very coarse texture - basically the stuff that people in the '70s put on the wall between the remember, the dark brown stuff. Anyway the stuff break apart easily to make very nice and large rocky formations. The rest is the usual rock, sand, gravel with some model railroad flocking.

For those who will be at the event look closely. This is the actual army I will be playing. This is the only hint you will get.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Ha! I tricked you! This isn't a picture a painted miniature.
This is my first serious drawing. This is an ink over pencil drawing of a Samurai. I have always enjoyed drawing but I have not done anything serious for MANY years. Back at the beginning of December I started going through my daughter's art supplies (she was an avid artist who created lots drawings and paintings). Seeing the huge amount of stuff she had got me thinking about it all going to waste...then I starting thinkung about all the drawings she left. I could hear myself telling her that if she really enjoyed something she should just do it and worry about it. Inspiration hit and I decided to follow my own advice. For the last couple of months I have been drawing almost daily and going through various books I have aquired.
Don't worry, this new interset is not going to replace my miniatures...but I think that in time it will prove to be very helpful. I have already learned a lot about how to SEE things. From time to time I will be posting up one of my works, if I feel it is worthy.