Wednesday, July 30, 2008

300 Points Done!

I finshed the last unit for my first 300 points of Beasts of Chaos. My Tale of More Than Four Gamers project required that I have this level completed by June am a little behind schedule.

Here is a picture of the army to-date. Next benchmark is 500Pts and that needs to be No worries I have a little time. Actually, the next unit is progressing nicely. I am working on a 4 man unit of Minotaurs which will put me a little over 500 points.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wild Warg Cheiftain

You have got to have something to lead those Wargs. This guy is dangerous!


The next Angmar change is the Shade. This spirit is not much danger in combat but he is very useful nonetheless. Pretty simple model to paint.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wild Wargs

After our local Lord of the Rings Indy GT the weakness of my Angmar army was fully exposed. And there was alot to see. I have been looking at the various options I have to try and tighten things up. One of the things I need is some speed. With no cavalry option in the army Wild Wargs are it.

These guys are fast and strong. But they have a low defense so they will not be able to stay in the fight long. With proper tactics they should make a nice addition to the army. Many more improvments to come.

p.s. Mike! Look no green stuff! I found a new way to clean up the gaps.

Modern Zombies

Here is the next installment on the zombie project. These figures are from Crocodile Games, which is weird because these are the only figs that are not specific to one of their games. These are great!

28mm Fallschirmjager Figure Comparison

My friend Tom was curious about how different brands of fallschirmjager figures looked together. Here are a couple of shots. From left to right we have Crusader, Black Tree Designs, and Foundry.

While there are some stylistic differences I think these three brands look fine together. The problem is now I want to paint them.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Here is a little terrain project I have been working on. I told myself it is for our Indy Grand Tournament for Lord of the Rings but that is just s little motivator. Woods are some of the most useful terrain pieces for just about any war game. The trees are from the various Christmas village trees that most craft store carry. I painted them, added reindeer moss for foliage and based them on 3" wood circles.

The tree bases fit into hole that I cut in some masonite board. These form the outer edges of the forest area. These are nice and sturdy and the tree fit nicely back into place.

This style of woods will be very handy for the new 40K 5th edition. The new edition does away with area terrain and instead uses a direct line of sight method. This means each tree's location is critical.
Only one more to finish before the GT on Saturday.