Saturday, September 29, 2012


I finally finished another painting project.  Painting has been a little slow lately.  I think I have had these on the paint table for a couple of months.  Here we have 15 Ork Kommandos which includes a Nob and two Burnas.

To differentiate from normal Boyz these guys are dressed in navy blue from head to toe.  These will see their first action tomorrow and in the future they will be joined by Boss Snikrot.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


 I recently finished one of those super easy projects that is so easy you wonder what took you so long.  I have always wanted some fields for gaming and for years of have been eying the welcome mat fields.  This is a very old and very easy way to make amazing looking fields.  There are tons of how-tos out there but the reality is you don't need one.  Buy a welcome mat that looks like miniature plants or grass and cut it up.  I used two different kinds of mats, natural fiber and plastic.  The natural fiber you just cut up and you are done.  The plastic will benefit from some dry brushing of lighter greens and even tans.  I love how these can be used with multiple scales of figures.



One thing I have yet to do is go back and add some earthy tones to the base and edges of the fields to make them look more realistic.  The work just fine as is but I think adding the browns to the base will make them pop.  If you haven't make any of these go do it!  They are easy and look great.