Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Gaming Year in Review

Back in January I posted some ideas for 2010 gaming. It was just some random thoughts and did not constitute anything like a plan. Here is the original post. With the year winding down I thought would be interesting to see which of things I talked about in January actually happened. Plus it is an easy way to pad my posts since I have not painted for weeks.

Warhammer 40,000 - The plan was to keep building and painting Orks and that is what I did. I completed nearly 90 models and got in 6 or 8 games. I am enjoying them more than ever.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - The new codex, new rules and new models all conspired to sour me on this game. I spent a ton of money on the Beastmen this year and painted a few models. I still have not played and the majority of my likely opponents have gotten rid of their armies. This was a major boondoggle. It may be time to cut my losses and sell this collection off.

Necromunda/=][=munda/Inquistor - I have done precisely nothing with this this year. It is still an idea that I like and I have lots and lots of ideas. Maybe 2011...

Black Powder Era - Things went better in this area than I really expected at the beginning of the year. I bought the Black Powder rules from Warlord games and really liked what I read. I managed to get a couple of friends to do a small walk-through game and I thought it was cool. It inspired me to paint a bunch of 28mm ACW figures and make a few more purchases. I now have 6 regiments of Union painted along with 2 guns and 2 caissons. I would love to get a big game on the table in 2011 but I have lots more work to do.

Warhammer English Civil War - This was another bust for me. I did nothing for this game or era. The release of a Black Powder book for the period would get me collecting the Warlord plastics.

Flames of War - This was a great year for this game but could have been even better. I finished my 1500 point 8th Army Infantry Company and painted enough extras to do a 1500 point 8th Army Infantry Tank Company. I also started a Tunisia/Italy Fallschirmjager Company that is about 1/3 painted. I got in several games this year and I an starting to get a good feel for the rules. It has been great fun with more to come.

Legends of the Old West - I had low expectations for this. It turned out to be a pretty good game this year. I painted only about 13 more figures but I did get to play in a campaign day that was lots of fun. This one is a keeper.

Lord of the Rings: SBG - I played a bunch of games for the GiTD and in preparation for the event. I traveled to Colorado for the Mayhem in the Mountains event. I played in a primer event last month for next years GiTD. I am starting the planning for next year's army and I am still collecting lots of minis for the game. Not much painting but after the New Year I need to get busy. This was the most played game for me in 2010, hands down.

28mm World War II - Not much happened this year with 28mm WW2 gaming. I got a copy of the Rules of Engagement and Tim and I tried out a couple of games. I liked the rules and thought they had some potential to be a regular game but Tim was not so sure. Other gaming stuff came up and we never went back after the initial test games. We tried out the Legends of the Old West/Legends of the High Seas/LOTR:SBG rules for some WW2 skirmish games and it worked really well. I need to do more experimenting in this direction. I added a bunch of new models to the collection but I didn't do any painting.

Other Gaming - I did manage to work in some general board games and card games with the family and friends. My daughter got interested in Magic: The Gathering for about 2 weeks. It was kind of fun to pull out the old Magic decks and get in a few games. Her interest died quickly, oh well. This area turned out to be a fun way to enjoy some social time with people who are not interested in miniatures gaming.

All in all 2010 has been a good year for games. I wish I would of had more time to actually play games but when I did the games were all fun. That is what it is all about.