Friday, January 31, 2020

IL-2 Shtrumoviks for Flames of War

My Flame of War Soviets now have some air support.  These are IL-2 Shturmovik flying tanks.  These have a formidable reputation in the history of the war but the FoW take is less than impressive.  I will need to try these a few more times to be sure but my first try was useless.  The models are Battlefront and are really nice.  Very easy to assemble and I just did a basic gamer paint job.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Soviet KV-8 Company for Flames of War

While these may look just like the KV-1 company I just posted these are very different tanks.  The KV-8 is the flamethrower variant of the KV-1.  They took the crappy 76mm gun out and replaced it with a crappier 45mm gun and a flamethrower.  These would be a super cool unit to take in support of a Soviet infantry formation when facing a German infantry force, but I doubt I will actually get to use them.  These models are old Battlefront resin and metal and are properly beefy.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Soviet KV-1 Company for Flames of War

I continue to plug away at my 15mm Soviet collection for Flames of War.  This is my KV-1 'company'.  It is only three tanks so not much of a company.  The models are the old Battlefront metal and resin and are pretty nice.  I have used this in a couple of games and they are terrors against German medium tanks like Pz III and IV but are next to useless against the big cats.  Still they are a must have for MW Soviets.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Soviet T-34 Battalion for Flames of War

This is the start of my Flames of War mid-war Soviet army.  This T-34(76) battalion is abut 62 points for MW.  This collection is made up of Battlefront resin models.  Most have the metal tracks but a few have the nice plastic track upgrade.  I really love these older models.  They have so much added detail and character.  I actually finished these last year so they are not added to this year's painting totals.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

...and this is 2020

Wow! Its 2020!  I'm not sure how that happened but here we are.  It is time again for the annual prediction post.  Looking back, it seems these are all very similar.  I think this is due to my poor track record in actually doing the things that make it on this list.  This year will I will try something different.  Instead of waiting to the end of the year to evaluate my progress I will do a review each quarter and use this as a way too keep me on track.  I really want to get some stuff done this year.

Kill Team

Starting with the top game of 2019, I really want to keep the momentum going with this game in 2020.  I have several kill teams collected as well as a lot of terrain.  This year my goal will be to complete the painting for at least one kill team and to complete the terrain for one kill zone.  Tim and I have talked a but about starting new kill teams and perhaps a campaign this year so this should help keep this on track.  With a little effort we might even get another player or two involved.

Flames of War

I expect 2020 to be a good year for this game.  My recent activity has me inspired to complete some long neglected projects.  First up will be mid-war Soviets, of which I have already painted 12 T-34 tanks at the end of 2019 (pictures coming soon) and I have KV-1 and KV-8 nearly done.  I would like to complete the guns and infantry this year to give a very viable collection for mid-war and early late war games.

I would also like to finish painting my German 11th panzer project this year.  This is a 1942/43 winter collection based on the Iron Cross list.  They are nearly done so it should not take much effort to finish.

I have some odds and ends for my British 8th army that need to get painted this year.  Mostly this is AT guns but I also have a Crusader company that needs to get done.

Digging deeper will be late war US armor and finishing some new units for my US paras.  I also have a lot of late war Germans to finish up.  I really need to get at least one viable late war force ready as most of the local FoW gamers are doing LW.  This would allow me to play more games against more opponents.  If I can get in one ore two game a month this year I will take that as a win.

Fate of a Nation

I expect to get a few games of this in this year.  I have no major plans right now.  I have a couple more units for my Israelis waiting for paint and I have a few models on back order from BF. If I get this all done that would be good.  I still have plans for a Jordanian M48 force but I don't have any models collected.  I will likely do the tanks from Old Glory as they are WAY cheaper than BF and look to be very nice models.

Great War (FoW)

This game must get played in 2020 even if it is just a couple of times.  I now have everything I need to get this back on the table.  I have collected a sizable amount of US models and I would like to do a Devil Dogs force this year.  There are also some extra German and British units I have that would be nice to get painted so I have more list options for those armies.  Small successes with this game will go a long way this year.

Age of Sigmar

I would really like to see some activity going for AoS this year.  I don't have any big plans for the game at this time.  I have some models collected that I need to build and paint.  Getting in a few games would be great.  I would like to finish all the Endless Spells I have collected.

Black Powder

I have been thinking a lot lately about hosting another large ACW game and I think this summer will be the right time.  Something based on the battle of Antietam would be cool.  Tim and I probably have enough stuff to run a game ourselves which will help.  I would also like to continue adding to my French and Russian forces for the Napoleonic era but I don't have any plans for a game.  If I could get one game in that would be good.

Bolt Action

This year will be the year of the Market Garden campaign.  I need to acquire buildings and a few scenario units but mostly we have what is needed to get this going.  I have been thinking of a Hell's Highway tank war battle on a large table that would pretty cool.  I have a plan for an 11th Indian army force for 1941 Malaya campaign. This will be based on Perry 8th army figures.  I need to order some support teams but I have the core of the army.


I need to get caught-up on all the release from 2019 that I missed.  I am not sure what GW has planned for 2020 for this game but I am sure they will find a way to get more money from me!  I would like to finish painting my Escher gang and maybe another gang too.  Getting in more than one game would be great.  I am thinking of how Kill Team and Necromunda can be integrated in a narrative campaign (Inq28 style).  Not matter what happens stuff will be bought for sure.


I need to finish painting my Blackstone fortress collection.  I want to keep our game that we started last year going and maybe add another player.  I am sure I will acquire some, or better yet, all the expansions this year.  I don't really see Warhammer Underworlds getting much playtime this year.  Maybe I should teach my wife the game?  As for the other boardgames I don't see it happening at all.

Other Games

There will be a new Team Yankee/WW3 starter set out soon and it looks pretty cool.  If it is as good a deal as the Flames of War Hit the Beach set I will get it.  This might distract me with a new game/period but we will see.  I don't see 40K coming back into my gaming life and I have actually been thinking that the time might be near to down-size the collection.  I might be tempted to build a couple of cars for Gaslands but I don't see it being a major focus for me.


Once again, I have too many things on the list to do so I know I will not get to all of this.  I will start off the year with FoW Soviets, Kill Team AdMec, and Kill Team terrain.  We will see how this is progressing with the Q1 recap at the end of March.  Wish me luck!