Monday, July 25, 2016

French Napoleonic Army Update

Wow!  Six battalions painted and 2 guns for my French Napoleonic army.  I started this project nearly 5 years ago but in the last year I have made lots of progress.  I am working on the commander for this force and then it will be back to troops.

I plan to add 2 battalions of Warlord figures painted as Swiss.  These will be large units and I think I will add in mounted colonels.  I have some GMB flags on order for these units so they should pretty spectacular.  I will brigade the Swiss with the French so that will give me enough figures for t brigades for Black Powder.

After that I am going to paint 4 boxes worth of Warlord French as Italians.  This will give me a four battalion brigade for Black Powder.  These should be a breeze to paint as they are pretty much all white.  Once those are done I will be complete with my immediate plans for French and allied infantry.  Then it is on to either French cavalry or maybe Russians.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tau Army For Sale

Here is another army that belonged to my friend.  This time we have a nice sized Tau army.  This army will be a featured item at our local gamer's garage sale this Saturday.  I am asking $600 obo for this army.  I don't know much about the different Tau models so Take a look at the pictures to see what is included.

Friday, July 8, 2016

French 1/36 Infantry Regiment

Yet another battalion for my Napoleonic French project is ready for action.  This time we have the 1st battalion, 36th infantry regiment.  Named, as usual, for the flag I put on it.  These figures are Old Glory and are OK.  They are a little chunky in the sculpting style and they suffer a bit from the Old Glory wonky pose issue but are pretty nice when painted and formed up.  I have enough to build one more unit of these figures and I will get to them some day.  I doubt I will investing much more of the Old Glory figures as there are some many options for Napoleonic French.