Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 The Year That Wasn't

 Time once again for my annual year-end post.  This is where I review my goals for the year and explain how absolutely nothing worked out the way I thought it would.  If you really care about my thoughts for how this year should have gone here is my post from January.  Let me skip right to the end and say nothing really happened with gaming this year.  That's right, I basically did nothing.  I played four games, which brings my 2 year total to 10 games.  I built a couple of models for my Fate of a Nation Israelis. i did not paint a single miniature. I bought nothing game related.  And I only managed 5 posts to the blog, including this one.  A whole host of factors went into this horrible outcome.  Some were my fault, some were other people's fault and some had not fault at all.  That's about it.  In a few days I will do my annual yearly kick-off.  Next year has GOT to be better, right?