Thursday, June 30, 2016

French 1/9 Line Regiment

I have finished my fifth unit for my Black Powder Napoleonic project.  This time we have the 1st Battalion of the 9th Regiment.  Why did I pick this unit?  I would love to have some great historical reason for modeling this unit but like all the rest of my French it is named after the flag I put on it.

The figures are Warlord plastic figures.  This set come with metal command figures.  My one complaint is that the way the sets are created you get an odd number of elite company models.  For my units I need 8 of these models and the set comes with 7 so I have to add in a single Perry figure to build a complete unit.  Why would they put 7 in the box?  It is a real pain and in the end future projects with these figures will require that one box be used to scavenge the extra elites.  I understand that the current sets are 24 figures rather than the 32 in the boxes I have.  I can't see how the reduction of figures will correct the ratio issue.  I do recommend these figures as they are very well sculpted have lots of character.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Eldar Army For Sale

Here is another army that I acquired from a friend who is getting out of the hobby.  This is a small, but pretty nicely painted, Eldar army.  This is based on a ranger theme that was pretty tough in 5th and 6th edition.  I am not sure how many points this equates to in the current game but this was the core of a 1500 army in the last codex.  I am not an expert on Eldar so hopefully I have all the models properly identified.  Here is the list of the items in the collection and below that are pictures of all the painted items.

Eldar Army

Falcon gravtank (painted)
Wave Serpent (painted)
Wraith Lord (painted)
Farseer (painted)
11 man unit of Guardians with weapons platform and Warlock (painted)
11 man unit of Howling Banshees (painted)
10 man unit of Rangers (painted)
10 man unit of Rangers (painted)
10 man unit of Rangers (unpainted)
7 Swooping Hawks (painted)
6 Dark Reapers (unpainted)


The other side of the same model.

Farseer.  I think this is a minor conversion but I am not sure.

Guardian squad

Howling Banshees.  It looks like these still need to have the red added to the hair and I will probably fix that before they are sold.

Two units of painted rangers.  The third unpainted unit are slightly different models that are probably new sculpts. 

Swooping Hawks.  I love the wings on these models and the dynamic poses.

Wave Serpent.  This looks like the older Forge World model/conversion from several years back.  

The other side of the same model.

Wraith Lord

The other side of the same model.
I really like the black and blue scheme of this army and it looks to be something that would be easy to duplicate.  None of the basing is done which makes this easier to add to as you can choose your own style of basing and keep the army consistent.  I am asking $350 for this army and would prefer to sell locally in Arizona.  I will consider shipping to the lower 48 for the right buyer.