Saturday, July 6, 2019

Israeli P'lugah Tan'kim continued

A few years ago I built an Israeli tank company for Fate of a Nation when it first came out.  This original project was centered on M50 and M51 Shermans with Sho't as a support.  Those first game were fun but I quickly discovered that the Sherman force was just not viable.  Most of the Israeli stuff was WAY too expensive points wise to be competitive. My primary opponent had Jordanians.  Jordanians lacked all the bells and whistles of the Israelis but there stuff was cheap and plentiful and very dangerous.  Fast forward to today and we have a new version of Fate of a Nation based on the Flames of War version 4 rules and 100 point system.  With this new version my old Israeli army was in need of an update.  My old army was about half the size needed for a standard game.  This gave me an opportunity to add more Sho't tanks to the force and give it much more punch.  I bought the new Jordanian starter set which gets you 5 Centurions which can be build as the Israeli Sho't version.

With these 5 additional tanks I now  have enough Sho't to build a formation of these tough tanks.  This will now be the backbone of my army.

Seven Sho't tanks come in at 63 point which is nearly 2/3 the entire points for the army.  Fortunately, everything else I have is supper cheap which will allow me to run a second formation of Shermans and still have lots of points left for support units.

I still need to get a few additional models to fully flesh the army out to 100 points but I am very close.  I actually think 100 point games might be too big for this period.  This army is heavily themed on the 6 Day War but my friends seems to be moving more towards the Yom Kippur War which means tougher Soviet tanks.  This may force me to look at adding Magach 6 tanks to stay in the fight.