Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random Update

I just realized that it has been a few weeks since my last post and September is close to being over.  I can't let a whole month go without posting something!  So here is something...

Actually, I have been doing a fair amount of stuff over the last few weeks.  I have just been a bum about documenting it and posting.  Last week our game group got together for a big ACW Black Powder game.  Tim posted lots of cool pictures of the game.  You should go check it out. 

We have also been playing lots of Bolt Action.  Our local Warlord folks setup a small escalation league and Tim and I jumped in.  We got in several games against lots of great opponents.  A good time was had by all.

As for painting, I have been working on my Flames of War French tank company.  I am making good progress and am just putting on decals for 19 vehicles.  I really hate working with these little 15mm decals.  To make things worse you need 5 or 6 for each tank.  Anyway, I am nearly done with the tanks and that will give me about 1200 points of French.