Friday, September 19, 2008

Old West

I recently acquired the entire set of Legends of the Old West rules and naturally, before I can play, I need to get some figures painted. I traded off all my Old West stuff several years ago, before LOTOW was released. A few months ago Old Glory had a 40% off sale for all the Old West figures they carry regardless of the manufacturer. Since I have access to the member discount the figures were actually available for 60%. Well, I don't have to tell you I bought a bunch!

These figures are all from Blue Moon and for those that are familiar some of these you cannot buy. This year's free figures for the Old Glory Army were Blue Moon old west. I have the full set of the limited addition figures. I am pleased with the figures. They are on the large side and I like the sculpts. Some of these had very pronounced mold lines and Tim will probably point out what a poor job I did in cleaning them up. Funny thing is they are not as noticeable in the flesh as they are in these pictures. Oh well.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Fallschirmjager Progress

I had not intended to start working on this project. I have tons of other things I need to do but my comparison figures I did a couple of weeks ago were so fun to paint I couldn't stop. I thought, well, I'll just paint up the company command and then get back to important stuff.

After finishing the Company Command I thought, well, that was fast. I'll just paint up a squad.

Before I knew it I had 24 of these guys painted. As you can see I used my speed painting technique of blocking in the base colors and the using the 'Dip'. This works good but on some of these guys I don't like the flesh tones. I tried a different color for the flesh than I normally use and it is too...yuck...with the dip. Some of these will need to be touched up.

On a side note, these figures put me over 200 figures painted so far this year! Since I actually painted them about a week and half ago I already have about 40 more figures painted for other projects.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Higgins Boat

The first scenario for my Italy 1943 campaign will be the battle of Salerno. This was a beach assault conducted by US and British forces in September 1943. I will be playing the 36th US Infantry division for this battle.

This scenario requires 3-4 landing craft in the US deployment zone so Tim and I had to make a few. These are made of matt board that is used for framing pictures. The mesh is some needlepoint stuff and the ribs are matchsticks. The circular elements on the rear deck are 25mm slugs.

Since these are mostly just terrain pieces I have not done a lot of detail work. I am planning on some weathering but not much more than that.

The boat holds 21 figures on 25mm bases. This is not too bad; the real boat only carried 36 men. I just need to put the finishing touches on 3 more and then it is on to the beach sections.