Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Fallschirmjager Progress

I had not intended to start working on this project. I have tons of other things I need to do but my comparison figures I did a couple of weeks ago were so fun to paint I couldn't stop. I thought, well, I'll just paint up the company command and then get back to important stuff.

After finishing the Company Command I thought, well, that was fast. I'll just paint up a squad.

Before I knew it I had 24 of these guys painted. As you can see I used my speed painting technique of blocking in the base colors and the using the 'Dip'. This works good but on some of these guys I don't like the flesh tones. I tried a different color for the flesh than I normally use and it is too...yuck...with the dip. Some of these will need to be touched up.

On a side note, these figures put me over 200 figures painted so far this year! Since I actually painted them about a week and half ago I already have about 40 more figures painted for other projects.

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The Inner Geek said...

Wow, you are a painting machine! Myself, I'm a procrastinating machine... but seriously, I'm simply amazed that you have painted that many figures so far this year!