Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Foundry Brigade

I have finished the first Union brigade for my planned Black Powder game. The last step in this phase of the project was to paint the second great coat regiment and the Brigadier. Below you can see the completed brigade.

The figures for this project were acquired as part of a paint for trade deal I made nearly 10 years ago. I did a quick price check with Foundry and this brigade would cost about $225 now. Ouch, I am sure I will not be doing any more Foundry units for this project, that is a ton of cash.

Below are a few pictures of the final elements of the brigade.

Next up on this project I am working on a large Union brigade composed of Sash and Saber figures. This next brigade will be nearly twice the size as the Foundry brigade.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ACW Union Great Coat Regiment

Another Union Regiment is done. These are Foundry Great Coats and I have a bunch of these figures. This is a 24 man unit and I have another one on the paint table just like it. I still have dozens of extras. This is painted up as a generic Union regiment. Just something to get on the table. These are speed painted and dipped.

This makes two regiments complete for my first brigade. The third regiment will be done soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Powder ACW

After reading through the Black Powder rules I have been inspired to work on my ACW collection. I am planning to run a large ACW game later in the Summer along with some other gamers. There is quite a large local collection of 28mm ACW and I would like to use some of my own stuff for the game.

The first phase of the project for me is to paint my Foundry brigade. This brigade is, oddly enough, comprised entirely of foundry figures. I have completed the artillery. This is a 12lb Napoleon with crew. This represents a single battery in game terms.

Next we have the first of the Infantry regiments. This is my 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers. I actually painted these figures a couple of years ago but I have finally decided on the basing and now the unit is ready for action.

The second infantry regiment is being based now and the third is being painted. Once complete this brigade will have a General, an Artillery battery and three Infantry regiments. I am pretty excited to get this project going.