Monday, January 26, 2015

Reb Caisson

 This is the last bit of my ACW Confederate artillery for the time being.  This caisson does not actually have any real function in Black Powder but it looks really cool sitting on the table near the guns.

This is the Old Glory caisson model with an extra Sash and Saber artillery crewman.  Nothing fancy just a cool piece for the table.  Now I need to get back to building models and deciding what to paint next.

Friday, January 23, 2015

More Reb Artillery

This is the second Confederate gun I completed this week.  Like the first this one is also from Sash and Saber.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reb Artillery

This is the first of my Confederate artillery for my Black Powder army.  These are Sash and Saber and I have had these in the paint queue for a long time.  I originally bought these as part of a huge order I made several years ago when they had a 40% off sale.

I really like the Sash and Saber figures.  The sculpting style is a little goofy but he does a great job on the accuracy of the uniforms and equipment.  It feels good to get this project back on track.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Perry French Hussars

For the last couple of weeks I have been building an prepping lots of models.  One set that I have been wanting to build for a long time is the Perry French Hussar set.  I have known for a long time that these are really great models but it wasn't until I built some that I truly appreciated just how great these are.  I have built and painted lots of Perry plastic miniatures as well as from some other manufacturers.  Plastic has lots of advantages and a few disadvantages.  One of the big disadvantages of plastic is the inability to do undercuts and the loss of detail towards the sides of pieces.  These minor disadvantages can be overcome by good model design.  In the case of these Hussar models the design is just about perfect.  Outside of an actual model kit built by one of the large model company, I don't think I have seen a better design or execution of a plastic kit.

The kit has some really nice features that allow you to build a huge variety of uniform styles.  There are four different styles of head gear with enough heads to do the entire box in a single style.  You also get two sets of legs, one in dress style and the other with the coveralls for campaign dress.  I am not a Napoleonic uniform specialist, but to my relatively untrained eye you should be able to do just about any unit from 1798 to 1815.  There might even be uses other than French for these as well.

You also get an amazing set of painting guides that cover more than a dozen different Hussars units and shows uniform differences in different campaigns or periods.  This set is so well done that I feel like, as a complete Napoleonic novice, that I can built great units and have a very close uniform accuracy.

This first set has been built as the 4th Hussars sometime around 1812.  This is one of two units with banners included in the box.  Unfortunately, since I am not really focusing on Napoleonics this year I am not sure when I will paint these figures but they are so nice I just had to share. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Popping the Cork on 2015

Happy New Year!  Time, once again, to contemplate what the future holds for my gaming hobby.  This is always a fun, if mostly futile, exercise of prognostication.  Without any more big words here is what I am thinking at this very moment.

Black Powder

As I mentioned in my year end summary, this game was sadly neglected in 2014.  It is much too good of a game to be allowed to wither and die so 2015 will see more effort put into painting and playing.  My focus will return to ACW for both hobby projects as well as games.  Last year I have grand designs for the Napoleonic era but this proved to be much too aggressive.  I have made such a large investment in my French that I cannot envision abandoning the plan but I will not kid myself about what I can or will get done this year.

I need to increase the size of my Union collection slightly this year.  I have some Perry ACW cavalry figures that I will paint up as well as some Old Glory dismounted cavalry.  In addition I need to put a big effort into getting my Confederate forces up to about two brigades.  I have one small brigade now but it is too small to even use.  If I can accomplish this as well as get in 3-4 games I will consider that a success.

Bolt Action

For 2015 I do not have any major plans for this game.  I would like to acquire some more support options for my British 8th Army.  If the bug hits I might also start collecting a Perry Italian army for the desert.  If Tim gets his DAK collection painted we might even play the game.

I have been thinking about the Tank War supplement for BA.  I don't have it yet but I am really interested in trying tanks battles with these rules and my 15mm tank collection.  I don't see myself making a but push to increase my 28mm tank collection.


I have been having a lot of fun with this game recently and I really hope I can keep playing this in 2015.  I would like to expand my collection to include all the supplement books.  I do plan to purchase some more plastic figures that can be used for this game but I have no specific plans for new armies.  I have Viking, Saxons and Normans I can use already.

Hail Caesar

This one shows up on the list year after year but somehow nothing much comes of it.  With renewed interest in SAGA I feel inspired to paint more figures to flesh out my old WAB armies for use with these rules.   If I can get enough stuff of my own, or with the help of some friends, to get a 28mm dark age battle on the table this year I will call that a win.

Flames of War

This has become the old standby game and I expect that to continue in 2015.  I have some big plans this year that mostly center around getting my WWI Germans painted and on the table.  I need to acquire a few more terrain items but not much as all the battles are on 4'x4' tables.

I really want to make progress on Fate of a Nation this year.  I want to build and paint an Israeli Super Sherman army and then do an Egyptian T-55 force.  I love the models and the era is very interesting.  This is the classic tank battle conflict and the games should be fun.  Besides, I already have lots of desert terrain so not much more is needed for this conflict.

I still have lots of WWII items to work on this year.  I have plenty of early war French stuff in the paint queue.  I also have lots of American items collected that need to be painted.  I still have not finished paint my Fallschirmjagers, if you can believe that.  I started on a mid-war Eastern front Panzer force last year that needs to be completed.  This going to be my first winter themed army.  These projects don't really need any purchases except the Panzer project that will probably get some PSC PzIII models.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a large German grenadier force made up of BF plastic figures from the open fire box.  I have added a few extra items for this army but still need to get some support platoons.  This force will be for mid-war Eastern front or late war for either front.  It should be a very versatile army and I really want to get this done this year.  I think 2015 will be a good year for Flames of War.


When I stopped playing Lord of the Rings a few years ago I did not think that would be then end of fantasy gaming for me.  Even when I, foolishly, sold of my WHFB Beastmen army I did not think I was getting out of the genre.  But so far it seems as if fantasy gaming is gone.  The last couple of years I have toyed with the idea of getting into Kings of War but nothing has happened with those ideas.  For 2015 I an leaving this open so lets see what, if anything, happens.

Star Wars

Obviously, X-Wing will be played this year and I plan on adding more of the new ships to the collection but there are other Star Wars themed games out there.  The release of Star Wars - Imperial Assault has really sparked my interest.  I am excited to see where Fantasy Flight takes the game as you know there will be lots of supplements and add-ons for the game.  I am really excited about the release of Star Wars Armada in the next few weeks as well.  This year could see a lot of time and money going to Star Wars games.

Pike & Shotte

After reading these rules a couple of weeks ago I am pretty excited about the game and it has renewed my interest in English Civil War as a gaming era.  I like that you can get a functional ECW army for this game, all in 28mm plastic, for just over $100.  This really makes it one of the cheaper of the Warlord big battle games to get into.  I don't think this will be a priority this year but don't be surprised if it pops on the blog in a few months.


Last year was, quite simply, a pathetic year for painting.  It just did not feel motivated for very large portions of the year to do much of anything.  Most of the items I painted felt like a chore.  I started to come out of that painting funk in the last couple weeks as I painted items for SAGA.  Right now I am feeling much more motivated and excited about this aspect of the hobby than I have for a long time.  I really hope this feeling stays with me this year as I would really like to get lots done on several projects.


The blog as also fallen into the realm of the sad and pathetic.  This is not surprising considering the aforementioned lack of painting motivation.  It is, after-all, a painting blog and if no painting is going on there is not much to talk about. This year I would like to do more posts on battle reports and my thoughts on various products and releases.  If the painting post are sparse at least I will have something else to talk about.

There you have it.  Just a few thoughts I have at the cusp of this new year.  I am feeling refreshed and excited, but this is probably due to the fact that I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks.  Even so I think it will be a good year and I am optimistic.  Thanks