Monday, July 25, 2011

Dwarf Army Phase 3 Complete

The next batch is done for my Dwarf Army. There are 16 more figures and are mostly the same as the other phases. I did add the banner this time. This brings the project total to 525 points.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dwarf Army Phase 3

Well it is nearly the middle of July (OK it is the middle) and I am just getting around to picking my next 175 points of Dwarves for our 4 gamers challenge. This batch will get me to 525 points total. I am adding a banner (which is mostly a points sink), 5 Khazad Guard, 5 Dwarves with shield and 5 Dwarves with two handed axes.

Sixteen models should be doable before the end of the month but I have got to get cracking now.

We have entered the point in the competition where it is very hard to maintain focus. Our group of competitors all suffers, to a degree, from gamer ADD. I know that Tim was the first to fail to get a monthly painting project completed and I have not seen any evidence that he is still painting. Mike seems to still be in. Jerry painted all 700 points the first month so his focus is elsewhere. To cap it off we have only played 1 game each and that was at the 175 point level. So far this month we have not played any 350 point games that count (though I did get in a game last weekend and managed to trash a new guy, oops).

I just need to keep pushing and get this batch done. I am sure the rest of the guys will still be in for the long haul. If I slip now I will just give up and I will not be the first one to drop out.

The cool thing is I will have the core troops for a Dwarf army done well in advance of the Gathering in the Desert 2012. This will allow me to try several different list ideas before the event. I am starting to feel pretty good about the army and my prospects for next year.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mexican Irregulars

These are the first 12 models for my Poncho Villa project. I am working on Mexicans for the 1916 US intervention into the Mexican Revolution to capture Poncho Villa. I was inspired to do this project after watching The Wild Bunch which is set in basically the same period. The plan is to use Legends of the Old West for most of the games but I might use a WWI or WWII set for larger battles.

These figures are Mexican Irregulars from Old Glory. They are from pack PIM-20 and are large 28mm. I really like the sculpts. I used a white base coat for the first time in many years. Doing this reminded me of why I don't use white as a base. They are just block painted and then "dipped" in Minwax Polyshades Antique Walnut. This is a reddish-brown stain and works well for a desert look.

These guys will see table time as bandits, irregulars, armed civilians and as part of Villa's forces.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flames of War Late Germans Part 7

I finally finished the last unit for Tom's late war German Panzer company. It only took me 6 months (I think) but is it all done. Now I just need to deliver it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brookhurst Booty

I just got back from my annual trip to Seal Beach and the required stop at Brookhurst Hobbies. I didn't get a whole lot this time but I still managed to spend a good chunk. I will have more detailed posts on most of these items in the future.