Wednesday, December 30, 2009

40K Game Images Part 3

A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I met up at Imperial Outpost for a day of 40K. We had five players - me, Tim, Tom, Brandon and Lonnie. The armies that took the field were Tyranids, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Daemonhunters. We managed to get in three games.

The Sisters fought the Tyranids and...well...the Sisters got wacked. It was not pretty.

The Imperial Guard fought the Daemonhunters and it was a close game that ended in a draw.

The last game was Imperial Guard vs. Space Marines. This was another close battle that also ended in a draw.
It was good to get the guys out for a day of gaming. Two of the five players played their frist games of 5th edition. Everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

40K Game Images Part 2

Today we have another collection of game images. This is from a game played at my friend tim's house in April of this year. The match was Sisters of Battle vs. Imperial Guard. This was a small 1000 point game.

I do recall that the IG captured the center building early and punished the sisters trying to turn the flank closest to the camera. I also recalled that he sent in his Stormtroopers to clear the building. I tried to get around the far building with mu Sentenels and got bogged down.

I think this game was a draw but it might have been a victory for the sisters. Either way it was a fun game. I realy need to remember to take pictures throughout the entire game and perhaps take some notes.

Monday, December 21, 2009

40K Game Images Part 1

This is the first of a series of posts I will be doing of pictures I have taken in various 40K games. These posts will be of pictures for games that I should have done battle reports for and never got to or battles that I did not take enought pictures of to make it worth it.

The pictures below are of a game played in, I think, April of 2009 (maybe not, I really can't remember) between my Kinghts of Eden Space Marines and my friend Lonnie's Tau. Lonnie was breifly back in town after working for months overseas and we decided to play a 2000 point battle.

I remember that this was a good and close game. The Tau pulled out the victory on the last turn. The game was played at Empire Games in Gilbert, AZ.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Social Studies Project

My daughter, Sharleen, has a project for her 6th grade social studies class to build an ancient Greek house. Naturally, being a model builder, this is a school project I am perfectly able to help with. The model represents an Athenian house that would have been home to a well-to-do citizen. Sharleen did all the research and designed the floor plan. Dad built the building and we both worked on the painting.

The model is 15"x15" and is on an 18"x18" base. There are two floors and a removable roof. The house is made from corkboard tiles and framing mat board.

When working on translating Sharleen's plan into the model I decided to build this as I would a 28mm gaming model. It is what I am most familiar with. She turns it in tomorrow and hopefully she gets a good grade. I am a little concerned that I may have helped a little too much...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Citadel Woods

Here is my proof of concept for the GiTD Citadel Woods. I wanted to do something different so I am going with Fall colors for these. Sorry about the crappy pictures but you should get the idea. Only three more sets left to do.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Realm of Battle

A while back my friend Tim received a large shipment of terrain from GW for the Gathering in the Desert LOTR Indy GT. I agreed to help paint some this stuff because, frankly, I'm and OK guy.

The first task seems like the most difficult but will probably turn out to be the easiest - the Realm of Battle set. This is a truly huge terrain set and I must say that I am impressed. I am not sure I could ever justify buying one for myself but I must admit that it is tempting. These are nice terrain boards.

For the GiTD we have two sets of the RoB. Tim is painting one and I am painting the other. Since the LOTR game only uses a 4'x4' table we have enough to do three tables. Of course, this means that they have to match to maximise the usefulness of both sets. See Tim's post for the color info.

I was very surprised at how quick and easy these painted up. I would estimate that I have about 10 hours total in this set which I thought was pretty good. If I have really tried I could have easily had these done in half the time.
Next up on the GiTD terrain front will be a couple of GW hills and the modular hills. These will be done in the same colors. Then I have to do three sets of woods, an Arcane Ruins and a Temple of Skulls.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Space Marine Terminator Librarian

This is a stock Terminator Librarian from the current Space Marine line. He is painted up as a Librarian for my Knights of Eden Sapce Marine Chpater. As usual, this model took way too long to finish. I think I have been working on it for more than a year.

I now have three HQ options for this army and they are all very different.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Knights of Eden - Army to Date

I have been doing lots of posts on this blog about my home brew Space Marine Chapter but I have never posted a group shot of the army. Mostly this has been do to not having enough done to make a group picture very interesting. In the last couple of weeks, however, I have added a Heavy Support, a Fast Attack, an Elite and an HQ. I finally have a unit for each force organization slot. This picture represents about 5 years of collecting and painting. This army started out as a couple tac squads, some scouts and a speeder for my Daemonhunters army, but has now grown to a full Space Marine force.

Here is what the army consists of today.


Space Marine Captain with a Command Squad


9 Terminators
Techmarine with Servitors
10 Sternguard Veterans


3 - 10 man Tactical Squads
5 man Scout Squad

Fast Attack

10 man Assault Marine Squad
Landspeeder Typhoon

Heavy Support

Land Raider

Dedicated Transports

4 Rhinos
Drop Pod

There are many more items in the collection waiting to be painted. I still have a couple more Rhinos, a couple more tac squads, about 20 more scouts, scout bikers, regular bikers, a couple more speeders, two more dreds, 5 more terminators, a Librarian in terminator armor, a couple of whirlwinds, a razorback, another Drop Pod and at least 2 more captains. I have so much stuff left I am debating starting another Space Marine army or painting all this up for a Knights of Eden Apocalypse force.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Space Marine Company Command Squad

I finally have a command squad for my Knights of Eden Captain, which I just realized I have never photographed and blogged. Anyway, this unit took way too long to get painted. It seemed that each time I would start to work on it I would quickly loose interest and move to something else. I think the banner scared me and I was subconsciously using this as an excuse to not finish the unit.

I have been taking a drawing class and it inspired me to take another look and doing the banner. I have also been inspired by Ron Saikowski's banners. Take a look at the Tutorial section a the ++ From the Warp ++ blog for excellent examples of what you can do with hand painted banners. Armed with new-found confidence I jumped back into this project and finished it up! In the end the banner is not as good as I had hoped but I think it looks good considering it is my first hand painted...well...anything really.

Another thing that I like about this unit is the 2 Power Fist guy. With the 5th edition rules the only way a PF can get an extra attack is to have 2 of them. I figured that with the current selection of models and parts your were unlikely to see this combination on the table. It seems that all the models currently available from GW either have a left hand PF already or you can get the plastic PF arm with is also left hand. Searching my references I could not find a model with a right hand power fist. The only way this could be modeled, that I could see, would be to use a Lightning Claw model and remove the claws. This seemed like a waste to me.

After digging through my vast collection of junk I found an old Blood Angels Sargent with a raised Power Fist. It was still a left hand power fist but it was different. It was smaller than most. I then remembered that the original plastic Space Marine set had a right hand power fist arm and it to was small. I dug through the bits box and bingo! there was the answer. The old RT era power fist is right hand and it matches the early metal PF version well. After a little modification to the army I was able to get the model of my dreams (OK, not of my dreams, really). It should be fun to spring this one in a game and see how it works.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Techmarine and Servitors

I have finished another Elite option for my Knights of Eden Space Marine army. This is my Techmarine and Servitor squad. In all my years of playing 40K I have never really used a Techmarine. I used to take one in my old third edition Dark Angels because he was a close combat monster but I never took one because of the vehicle repair rules. I am still not sure he is worth it considering most games I have played are over after 5 turns. There just does not seem to be enough time to use his special rules.

Sci-Fi Miners for Inquisitor

Here are the converted Black Cat Bases Able Seamen. These guys are sci-fi miners that will play the role of generic bad guys in our Cirian Legacy campaign. With the completed Tech Priests I know have the cast for the first scenario complete.

Now, Tim just needs to build his retenue and finish the first set and we will be ready to play. We plan on playing the first game using the Inquisitor rules and play it again using our =][=munda rules ideas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Space Marine Land Speeder Typhoon

My Land Speeder Typhoon is done! This is another salvage project from my collection of old Imperial Fists. This model has a similar story to the Landraider. Again, huge amounts of superglue and yellow paint made this a challenge. After 24 hours in the freezer I was able to get the original crew out and the missile pods off. I had enough parts to replace the crew and the Multi-Melta. The missile pods spent the night in the Simple Green to strip off the paint. I decided not to try and strip the paint from the speeder. There is not enough fine detail to have made that worth the effort.

The antenna was broken so I replaced that with the radar dish from the vehicle accessory sprue. This is actually a good thing because the speeder will be serving as my spotter for my Suppression Force for Apocalypse battles.

Not a perfect job but it looks pretty good.

Edit 9/18/2009: Here is an old before picture of this model. No a great picture but it gives you an idea of what it looked like.