Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sci-Fi Miners for Inquisitor

Here are the converted Black Cat Bases Able Seamen. These guys are sci-fi miners that will play the role of generic bad guys in our Cirian Legacy campaign. With the completed Tech Priests I know have the cast for the first scenario complete.

Now, Tim just needs to build his retenue and finish the first set and we will be ready to play. We plan on playing the first game using the Inquisitor rules and play it again using our =][=munda rules ideas.


Carl Woodrow said...

I still think the last guy with the drill is pure genius. Sometimes it is so obvious to get caught up as a modeller looking for clever conversion solutions in the 'bits box', its easy to overlook the obvious.
Simply using an actual drill bit like that is pure win; it looks absolutely perfect.
They all look great, but that one really stands out to me. Top job!

Robert said...

Thanks Carl! I think the drill guy is my favorite as well. I really like how they all turned out.