Monday, September 14, 2009

Space Marine Company Command Squad

I finally have a command squad for my Knights of Eden Captain, which I just realized I have never photographed and blogged. Anyway, this unit took way too long to get painted. It seemed that each time I would start to work on it I would quickly loose interest and move to something else. I think the banner scared me and I was subconsciously using this as an excuse to not finish the unit.

I have been taking a drawing class and it inspired me to take another look and doing the banner. I have also been inspired by Ron Saikowski's banners. Take a look at the Tutorial section a the ++ From the Warp ++ blog for excellent examples of what you can do with hand painted banners. Armed with new-found confidence I jumped back into this project and finished it up! In the end the banner is not as good as I had hoped but I think it looks good considering it is my first hand painted...well...anything really.

Another thing that I like about this unit is the 2 Power Fist guy. With the 5th edition rules the only way a PF can get an extra attack is to have 2 of them. I figured that with the current selection of models and parts your were unlikely to see this combination on the table. It seems that all the models currently available from GW either have a left hand PF already or you can get the plastic PF arm with is also left hand. Searching my references I could not find a model with a right hand power fist. The only way this could be modeled, that I could see, would be to use a Lightning Claw model and remove the claws. This seemed like a waste to me.

After digging through my vast collection of junk I found an old Blood Angels Sargent with a raised Power Fist. It was still a left hand power fist but it was different. It was smaller than most. I then remembered that the original plastic Space Marine set had a right hand power fist arm and it to was small. I dug through the bits box and bingo! there was the answer. The old RT era power fist is right hand and it matches the early metal PF version well. After a little modification to the army I was able to get the model of my dreams (OK, not of my dreams, really). It should be fun to spring this one in a game and see how it works.


Kuffeh said...

They look pretty cool dude, I like the scheme and the banner is pretty funky. Was that hand painted or did you use the traced tutorial? Either way nice work.

There is a current version of a space marine fight handed power fist. Its from the space marine assault squad set;


Tim Kulinski said...

Outstanding work on the banner Rob, it looks cool and I really like the guy with the sheild.

Good job man, good job!

sovietspace said...

The two previous posters are right, the banner is really outstanding work! And this is not to detract from the marines, are they are pretty damned awesome as well! Great work mate.

Albrek said...

Hey man

Like the dude with the twin power fists - Did the same with one of the models in my Command squad - it is awesomely fun fielding it :)

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments!

@kuffeh - Good catch! I had forgotten about the one from the Assault Marine set. The banner was hand drawn directly on the model and then painted.

KRUG said...

Excellent work Samurai, as other have already said the banner is very well done, the paint jobs on the squad is painted well the white helmets on are very smooth- you should do a tutorial on painting white.

The champion and the marine with two power fists are my favorite!

Eggmarine said...

I like the colour scheme, it's vibrant without being gaudy and the command squad looks good. Nice to see some cheeky use of RT components too!