Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Knights of Eden - Army to Date

I have been doing lots of posts on this blog about my home brew Space Marine Chapter but I have never posted a group shot of the army. Mostly this has been do to not having enough done to make a group picture very interesting. In the last couple of weeks, however, I have added a Heavy Support, a Fast Attack, an Elite and an HQ. I finally have a unit for each force organization slot. This picture represents about 5 years of collecting and painting. This army started out as a couple tac squads, some scouts and a speeder for my Daemonhunters army, but has now grown to a full Space Marine force.

Here is what the army consists of today.


Space Marine Captain with a Command Squad


9 Terminators
Techmarine with Servitors
10 Sternguard Veterans


3 - 10 man Tactical Squads
5 man Scout Squad

Fast Attack

10 man Assault Marine Squad
Landspeeder Typhoon

Heavy Support

Land Raider

Dedicated Transports

4 Rhinos
Drop Pod

There are many more items in the collection waiting to be painted. I still have a couple more Rhinos, a couple more tac squads, about 20 more scouts, scout bikers, regular bikers, a couple more speeders, two more dreds, 5 more terminators, a Librarian in terminator armor, a couple of whirlwinds, a razorback, another Drop Pod and at least 2 more captains. I have so much stuff left I am debating starting another Space Marine army or painting all this up for a Knights of Eden Apocalypse force.


Steve said...

Looks good - it's really nice to see a home grown Chapter. I've just added some Scouts to my son's Screaming Eagles:


Love the casualty/objective markers - I think you might see that imitated in green and blue quite soon! :-)

KRUG said...

The look great Samurai...the army is coming together nicely... makes me want to finish my Dragon Hawks..

Roman aka jar said...

I am always impressed by a full painted army... looks really good! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar

CrusherJoe said...

Not to be all parrot-y here but WOW, there's few things that are impressive as a fully-painted army. An accomplishment in and of itself, but you've really added some very nice touches with the objective markers and other little details you've spent the time and attention on -- and it shows!

Good work my man, good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've just discovered your blog( from John's Toy Soldiers blog's links) and It's a nice place to visit!;)
Your home made chapter is a nice one! Congrats!;)

Mine is a "red one" too;)