Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another StuG IIIG Platoon for Flames of War

Continuing my exploration of the new Flames of War rules I have been playing some games with my late war German StuG IIIG Battery.  I needed an additional platoon so that I could take all StuG IIIG if I needed rather than always running a mix of the IIIG and the StuG42.  Fortunately I have three models in my dead lead pile so it was a simple task to pull them out and get them ready for action.  Just another excuse to build stuff I have rather than dreaming of models if have no $$ for.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

US M2A1 105mm Battery

Once again we have a long ignored project that I have finally completed.  This four gun battery of US 105mm howitzers has been sitting half painted in my army for many years.  I bought these several years ago and told myself that with some touch ups and finishing the basing these would be ready for the table and that was true.  The problem is I had no actual need for a towed battery as I am playing a Tank company and have self-propelled guns.  Oh well, one day I will need these.  They were just looking so sad in their incomplete state that I finally decided to finish these.  It helps that with my limited hobby budget at the moment painting stuff I already own is really the only option I have. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

US M4A1 Sherman in Camo

After many years of delays on procrastination I have finally completed the third platoon for my Mid-war US armored company for Flames of War.  I bought these several years ago from a local gamer.  They were already assembled and had a basic paint job but I really wanted to repaint them in a camo scheme.  The problem was I really didn't need these tanks.  I already have 10 painted M4A1 tanks for this army and I don't think I have ever used all of them in a game so these just sat in the army box unloved and unfinished.  Every time I pulled the army out for a game I would tell myself that needed to finished these up but I never did - until now.

These tanks are painted to represent tanks from the 1st Armored division in Tunisia in 1943.  They will also easily work in Sicily or Italy all the way to the end of the war.  I really like how these turned out and I can see these might be the center piece of the army from now on.  With the new army construction with v4 I might actually need 15 Shermans.  Time will tell.  These are Plastic Soldier Company models and they are my favorite version of this tank in 15mm.