Friday, May 18, 2018

May Work in Progress #1

I have been putting many hours of work on my corridor set for Necromunda.  This is from Death Ray Designs and is made to match the wall siloettes on the game boards. I also got the matching door set.  I really thought this would be a quick project but with more than 20 hours assembly and about 6 hours into painting I still have a long way to go

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Warlord Tiger Comparison

Recently I completed Warlord Games Michael Wittmann Tiger (which I think is now out of production) and last year I built and painted two Warlord Games plastic Tigers.  I thought it might be interesting to do a side by side comparisons of these two kits.

On the left is the plastic Tiger and the right is the resin Tiger.  The fit and finish on the resin model is pretty rough but I have definitely seen worse.  The plastic Tiger has a slight issue with the lower hull, upper hull seam that could have been handled better with my assembly.  The metal gun on the resin Tiger is HUGE!

Again plastic on the left and resin on the right.  The tracks and road wheels are noticeably better on the plastic model.  The turret on the resin model is much taller than the plastic version and kind of throws off the silhouette. 

The top is the plastic and the bottom is the resin.  In this view the tanks are very similar.  In fact, they are almost identical.
After building both kits and spending some time with them I think the plastic kit is the hands down winner.  In fact,I would recommend if you find yourself trolling eBay for a Tiger that you skip over the old resin Warlord kit entirely and just go for the plastic kit.  It's cheaper too!