Friday, April 16, 2010

8th Army Infantry Third Platoon

I have finally completed the third infantry platoon for my British 8th Army project. I now have a legal army of about 1100-1200 points. I have plans to add a few more elements to get this to the 1500 point level. I am very close to finishing this project and once I do I will post pictures of the completed army.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Field Battery, Royal Artillery

I have finally finished my Royal Artillery for my Flames of War 8th army project. This was one of the first items I purchased for the project a year ago. I feels good to finally get this done.

This is the entire contents of the Royal Artillery box set from Battlefront.

The first picture is the command teams and the FO team for the unit. Each has there own transport behind.

Next are the guns and the Quad tractors.

This kit has a huge amount of tiny parts and it was kind of fiddly to assemble. Because of all the little bits it was a project that needed to be assembled and painted in stages. I am not totally satisfied with how these turned out but they will work.
Now I just need to paint one more Infantry platoon to have a legal army under the new North Africa lists.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Second Ork Trukk

Here is the second of my Ork Trukks. Like the first one, this one started life as the old style trukk but it has been heavily modified.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flames of War First Game

Last night Tim and I got together to try out Flames of War. We both had dabbled a bit with first edition but neither of us had played the current edition. A few months ago we had done a small walk through but that hardly counts as playing.

We decided to play a small 600 point battle. Tim has some German Panzer Grenadier force. He had a company command and two smallish infantry platoons. He also had a 3 tank platoon of Pz IIIs. I took an 8th Army Rifle Company. I had a company command and three infantry platoons each with 2 squads. I had an HMG platoon with one two-gun section. I also had a carrier patrol with extra hull MGs.

I will not do a full play-by-play battle report and I failed to get any pictures. Basically, the British infantry were able to pound the German infantry before Tim figured out how to get the tanks into action. Once the tanks engaged the Brits took a beating but by then it was took late and the Germans failed the Company motivation test and the game was over.

Over all we liked the game and had a good time. I am sure we did as many things wrong as we did right. We had to look up almost every rule for the first couple of turns. We did learn a few things. One is that we need to read the rules a whole lot more. Second, platoon movement and formation are really important. Third, infantry in the open are in trouble, even with the high save. Fourth, assaulting tanks is extremely dangerous.

I will be playing again and this has inspired me to get back to work on my army. I think I will be adding some Matildas for some armored punch.