Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SAGA 7 Point Anglo-Dane Army

A few months ago I rebased some of my old Gripping Beast figures from my WAB Saxon army.  These were painted many years ago and haven't been used much for the last 7-8 years.  I did some touch-ups and weapons swaps for SAGA but they haven't changed much.

Anglo-Dane warlord.  I actually rebased this one a long time ago with the intent of making him the general for my Hail Caesar Saxon army.  He will be used for both games.
One point of Huscarls with great axes.
One point of Huscarls with great axes.  This and the unit above are usually run as a single 8 figure unit.  They are very dangerous in numbers.
One point of Huscarls with hand weapons.
One point of Huscarls with hand weapons.  These two are usually combined for one 8 figure unit.  Not as dangerous as the great axes but more survivable.
One point of Ceorls.
One point of Ceorls. 
One point of Geburs.  I find levy troops to be a waste for most SAGA armies and the Anglo-Dane fit that pattern.  These are only really useful against cavalry forces.

I have played several games with this army and done pretty well.  Lately my regular opponents have started to figure it out and are no longer surprised by their tricks.  They are kind of anti-Vikings.

This is probably the last of the dedicated SAGA forces I will do for a while.  With two completed forces I am set for this game.  I will continue to paint Dark Age stuff for Hail Caesar and also Kings of War but those will be multi-based figures specific to those games.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Perry British 8th Army Support Teams

I added a few support teams to my British 8th Army.  These Perry minis have really grown on me and I am looking forward to working on more of these great WW2 models.

First up is the Vickers team.  This is a four man set but for Bolt Action you only need three.  This will allow me to re-purpose the extra figure for some other function.  These figures are so small the gun and both crew easily fit on a 40mm round base.

Next is the 3" mortar team.  Like the Vickers team this is a 4 figure set where only 3 are needed in the game.  I will be using the spotter figure as an artillery observer and the Vickers commander will fill in as the spotter for the mortar.  Again, the figures are so small I was able to easily fit three figures and the mortar on a single 40mm round base.

Lastly is the Perry 6 pdr gun for the 8th army.  This model is really beautiful but a little fiddly to build.  The gun and the entire crew is on a three inch base.  For Bolt Action I only need three crew but I decided it looked better with all four figures.  Make no real difference for game play, just treat the team as having three wounds.

I have a few other items for this project so stay tuned for more Perry goodness.