Saturday, July 25, 2020

Necromunda Escher Gang

Another long neglected project is finally done.  I built these models in 2017 when the Necromunda Underhive box was released.  I started painting them soon after but quickly lost interest.  Some this was due to playing the Goliaths and wanting to get them painted.  Another issue was I have grand designs to paint these really posh and stylish but than turned out to be uninspiring.  Anyway it is nice to have these done even if they turned out to just be table top quality.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Q2 2020 Update

Time for my second quarterly hobby update for 2020.  I am doing this in the hope that it will help keep my hobby focused throughout the course of the year.  Much like Q1, Q2 has been dominated by COVID-19 and social issues that ensured I spent a great deal of time at home looking for something to do.  Unlike Q1, however, I did manage to get in a few games in Q2.

The quarter started strong with more of my Admec kill team.  I finished the stalkers for the Theta-7 Aquisitus team.  These are really cool models and they were a lot of fun to paint.  Completion of this project pushed Kill Team solidly into the win column for the year. 

Next I jumped back into a long neglected project for Age of Sigmar - The Mortis Engine.

I did not have any real specific goals for AoS this year so just about anything puts this in the win column  but since I did actually call it out in January it is not a distraction. Anyway, this model is massive and hugely intimidating.  I bought it 2 years ago as one of my first AoS purchases but then I soon discovered its not really part of my Nighthaunt army.  At the end of last year I started working on it but I did not get too far.  After about 40 hours work I am very happy to have this done!

After working on the Mortis Engine I stayed in the AoS area and finished my Endless Spells for my Nighthaunts.  This was something that I had called out for AoS this year.  These turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought they would be.

The fantasy theme carried on with a couple Baleful Realmgates.  I got these second hand a while back and it was cool to get them painted.  This one really has to go in the distraction column as I really had no plans for any terrain for AoS this year.  I have no regrets.

I finally completed my Thorns of the Briar Queen for Warhammer Underworlds/Age of Sigmar.  This was another long neglected project that was really fun to complete.  I even manage to get in a WHU game with them.

Switching gears back to World War II and Flames of War I painted a box of Battlefront KV-1s tanks for my mid-war Soviet project.  These are the new plastic kits and they are very nice.  This gives me a nice assortment of heavy tanks for my Soviets.

Continuing with my Soviets I painted a Maksim MG company.  I had lots of criticism of this kit that I will not rehash.  This Soviet project was probably my number one goal for the year and I have really made excellent progress so far.  Still lots to do but it is well on its way to being done.

The next project was the Hero SMG Company for my Soviets.  More progress on this huge project.

Back to the Nighthaunts.  I finally painted a couple of cool, expensive, and rare Nighthaunt character models.  Did I mention how much I love the Nighthaunt collection?  Some of the all-time best.

More Nighthaunts!  These are the Dreadblade Harrows.  The models are up to the high standards of the rest of the Nighthaunt line and they are easy build to boot.

The last project for the quarter was more Soviets for my Flame of War project.

I really did get a lot accomplished in Q2.  Mostly AoS and FoW.  I did manage to get in a few games before reality set in in the form of getting COVID.  In hindsight, I might have been a little too eager to get back to the game table but happily I did not infect anyone so its all good.

Models Assembled through Q2 (includes cleaning and prepping metal figures):

15mm FoW WWII - 11 (5 tanks, 2 aircraft)
28mm Bolt Action - 8
28mm Age of Sigmar - 21 (5 Cav, 1 Mortis Engine)
28mm Necromunda - 6
28mm 40K - 7
28mm Terrain - 22

Total - 75

Figures painted through Q2:
15mm FoW WWII - 212 (11 Tanks, 6 guns, 4 Rocket Launchers, 2 aircraft, 4 pillboxes and nests, 4 Objective Markers)
28mm Age of Sigmar - 14 (1 Mortis Engine, 2 Cav, 2 Realmgates)
28mm Napoleonic - 1
28mm 40K - 32 (17 Terrain)

Total - 259

Game Record to date:
Bolt Action 1-0-0
Gaslands 0-1-0
FoW Great War 0-2-0
FoW Mid-war 2-6-0
Kill Team 2-0-0
Necromunda 1-1-0
Warhammer Underworlds 0-2-0