Sunday, January 19, 2020

Soviet KV-8 Company for Flames of War

While these may look just like the KV-1 company I just posted these are very different tanks.  The KV-8 is the flamethrower variant of the KV-1.  They took the crappy 76mm gun out and replaced it with a crappier 45mm gun and a flamethrower.  These would be a super cool unit to take in support of a Soviet infantry formation when facing a German infantry force, but I doubt I will actually get to use them.  These models are old Battlefront resin and metal and are properly beefy.


Tom O said...

I will bring some German infantry to face them as long as you bring some Soviet infantry! My OT34s worked well the one time I used them.

Robert said...

As soon as I get some infantry painted you're on! I would really like to do some different MW stuff. all tanks battles are fun but it can get stale after a while.

Tom O said...