Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wild Wargs

After our local Lord of the Rings Indy GT the weakness of my Angmar army was fully exposed. And there was alot to see. I have been looking at the various options I have to try and tighten things up. One of the things I need is some speed. With no cavalry option in the army Wild Wargs are it.

These guys are fast and strong. But they have a low defense so they will not be able to stay in the fight long. With proper tactics they should make a nice addition to the army. Many more improvments to come.

p.s. Mike! Look no green stuff! I found a new way to clean up the gaps.


Mike G. said...

I still see the line :)

All kidding aside, they look really nice.

SketchbookGaming said...

Hey, let us in on your trick... how did you close the gaps?

jlong05 said...

Yeah. I cry foul when a new technique to used and bragged about, but not shown. ;)

Let us all in on the secret.

Seriously nice looking models though!

Robert said...

Nice to know there is some interest! Ususally I would use green stuff to fix the seems on the neck and on the back, but green stuff is a pain in the ass. So much so that on my Warg riders I left the gaps.

I have been using Liquitex texture gel for basing for years. I currently have some Natural Sand which is very fine, with very little texture. THis stuff is easy to work with and cleans up with water. This thought the fine texture would allow me to use it as a gap filler so I gave it a shot.

I just covered the gap with the Liquitex and then used the tip of the hobby knife to trace over the fur. On the back I did the same but added more Liquitex so I could cover the entire back with fur. It takes about an hour (in AZ) to cure. It then takes paint just like the plastic.

It took about 15 min to fix all 6 of these guys.

jlong05 said...

Interesting process and idea. I will have to give it a go with my Wargs also I think. Or I guess I could just have you do it for me. ;)

SketchbookGaming said...

Thanks for the tip, I might have to give it a try in place of greenstuff.
I'm defintely going to stick this one in my back pocket in case of emergency.