Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gulavhar, Terror of Arnor

Here is my Gulavhar, Terror of Arnor that I painted for the Gathering in the Desert LOTR Indy GT. There was a painting competition as well as the game tourney and this was one of my entries. I assembled and painted this fig just a few days before the event. In fact, I finished it late on the eve of the event. This cost me in the judging as my rushed work was sloppy.

The model is a pain to build and the metal wings are hard to mount. I am already going to have to reattach one.


The Inner Geek said...

I'm not familiar with GW's Lord of the Rings material. But, this looks to be a really neat model. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I'm not a competition judge, but this model looks good to me.

John Lambshead said...

Ouch. I have also built this model. I ended up reinforcing the wings with modelling clay. I think your paint job is rather better than mine though.

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments! It is a really great model and I will be using it for tons of different games, not just LOTR. The real killer on the paint comp was the spots on the horns. Had I cleaned this up after the final wash I would have done better. I am sure that I will need to pin the wings as the green-stuff alone is not strong enough.

Charles Feduke said...

This is certainly one of the rougher models I've put together from GW. I have the same problem with the wings, even though I've double pinned each deep into the body.

I was a bit disappointed with Gulavhar with the skirmish rules, but in the new mass battle rules he looks like he'll perform better.