Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Fellowship of the Ring

 After many years away I am returning to Lord of the Rings, now known as Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game.  I last played in 2012, just prior to the release of The Hobbit.  There were many reasons for leaving the game I had grown to love, but I won't get into that now.

I purchased the first edition of the game - The Fellowship of the Ring - sometime in 2001 or 2002.  Soon after I purchased this set.

Gandalf.  Painted in 2003.  I don't think I ever used him in a game.

This is the original metal Fellowship from 2002, I think, I got them right around that time.  Back then, there were no 'armies' or 'match play'. It was all open play and there really wasn't much available.  There was a focus on recreating events from the books/movies so it made sense to buy these.  Beside, they are COOL!
Aragorn.  Also painted in 2003.  I used him in a couple games but I felt guilty so he went in a box.  Back then, we did not use to many heroes and most of my group felt they were overkill and gamey.

Intially, I painted Gandalf and Aragorn.  The rest of the fellowship was primed and I started the flesh.  I am not sure why I stopped work on these but stop I did.

Boromir.  Painted last week.

Several years later GW released the campaign books and I really wanted to work through all those narrative scenarios.  I would definitely need the Fellowship for that!

Gimli.  He could use a little more work but he is fine for gaming.

Sadly, that plan never really worked out and so these excellent figures sat in a box...for about 20 years.

Legolas.  I am not happy with his face.  Too much contrast makes him look undead.  I think I will need to redo the face.

Now that I back, I am renewing my desire to play the campaign through.  I will definitely need the Fellowship!

Frodo.  Hobbit feet are kind of tough and my eye are not too good anymore.

The Hobbits are the earliest member of the Fellowship you need for the campaign scenarios so I worked on them first.  Then you need Gandalf and Aragorn and finally the rest of the Fellowship.

Merry.  I really love this sculpt.  Ne seems so serious and determined.

I am using the old The Fellowship of the Ring campaign book from 2005.  That book has some great tutorials for building the terrain you need.  Much of it is modular in design and can be used for several scenarios and functions.  Cool old school stuff.

Pippin.  Another great sculpt!

Sam.  Not happy with this face either.  Not as bad as Legolas and I probably will not redo this one.

This one checks a lot of boxes for me; first figure painted this year, first figure painted in many months, first LOTR figure painted in more that 10 years, painted items that have been in the backlog for 20+ years!  That is a big win!


Dai said...

Very nice painting on some sculpts that I regret never picking up 20 years ago.

Neil Scott said...

Great to see the fellowship all painted up

Anibal Invictus said...

Excellent painting work

Tom O said...

I look forward to seeing them on the table!