Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Grey Company

January was a good month for my revitalized gaming hobby.  I finished another long dreamed of project for LOTR (MESBG), my Grey Company.  I have had most of this stuff in the box of shame for years.  This is the project that I selected for our slow grow league but I managed to just paint it all in one go.  I was supposed to do 200 points to start and then 100 points a month until we got 600 points done.  Turns out this collection is more like 800+ points and it's only half of the planned army.   The other half is the Army of the Dead and that is just getting started.

The entire Grey Company collection.  I can't use all this as the same time but I have all the options.

Arathorn, father of Aragorn.  You can't take them both but Arathorn is way cheaper option.

Halbarad.  One with the Banner of Arwen Evenstar.

Twelve of the original metal Ranger of the North.  There are two of each pose.

Five of the six original metal Dunedain figures.  I would love to find that last figure to complete the set.

Five plastic rangers used as Dunedain.  I have my eye out for the metal Grey Company figures from the War of the Ring release.  I have never actually seen them.