Sunday, February 5, 2023

Finish it February 2023

 After a couple of years off I am returning to Finish it February.  I started this idea in 2019 and managed 2 years but the last couple of been a bust for reason already explained.  Part of getting my gaming hobby back on track is to revitalize this tradition.  In the past I had lots of unfinished projects to choose from but this year I am keeping things modest.  Below are three projects I would like to complete this month and, frankly, finishing just one would be a win.

This first one is kind of cheating.  Finish it February is about finishing long neglected project but this is a project I started last month, so, technically its just a WIP.  This is my Army of the Dead for LOTR and I painting these as part of the slow grow league.  This will not be my first priority this month.

This next project is much more in the spirit of Finish it February.  These additions to my Flames of War DAK army have been in a box for a few years.  Now's the time to get them finished.

The final project on the list is not too old but has been sitting on my workbench for a few months.  These are my Jordanian M47 model my friend Tom printed for me last year.  These will be M48 proxies for my Fate of a Nation Jordanians.  These are pretty close to being done.

We'll see how I do this year.  It would be pretty sweet to get these all done.

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Tom O said...

Good luck with finishing those off. I look forward to seeing the final results.