Thursday, December 19, 2019

Pz Kmpf B-2(f) for Bolt Action

This is Warlord Game's French Char B-1 bis plastic model built as the German Flammpanzer Pz Kmpf B-2(f).  This is the later version of the flammpanzer.  This kit is very nice but it is a little tricky to build this version.  This one is for my friend, Tom.  I think I will get one to build for my early war French army.


Dagreenskins said...

That is one of my favorite tanks from the French. I should pick one up just to paint it. You did a great job painting it.

Robert said...

Thanks Mike!

Tom O said...

Looks great in person too! Now to get the rest of my force done so I can game with it!