Friday, March 3, 2017

Frostgrave Skeletons

With my interest in Frostgrave slowly increasing I decided it was time to get some of the encounter creatures collected and painted.  The fluff in the FG rules says that skeletons are the most common creatures encountered in the city (even though that is not realy reflected in the encounter table).  I decided this was the place to start.  Actually, this is just an excuse.  I have always wanted skeletons and I have never had a reason to do them until now!  These models are built from Games Workshop skeleton bits I have collected up over the years.  They were super fun and easy to build and paint.

I am having a little bit of an OCD attack around this project.  You see I only have 19 skeletons...19...that will not do.  My friend Tim is bringing me the legs and torso for one more skeleton so I will have a more calming number.


joe5mc said...

Those are some fine looking undead!

Hot Dice Miniatures said...

" Actually, this is just an excuse." MRW every time I'm driving home from the games tore lol. Love the skeletons, love frostgrave, and I love that you only have 19!! haha.

Robert Brightwell said...

Thanks for the comments!