Thursday, March 9, 2017

German 7.7cm FK96 guns for Flames of War Great War

This past weekend Tom and I got WWI back on the table after a several month break.  Knowing we were to play I felt inspired to pull out some models and paint another unit or my Germans.  This is the Battlefront pack GGE570 7.7cm FK96 n.A gun.  It is a two gun blister pack with the command.  You will never use the command unless you field this as a 4 gun battery.  As a two gun detachment the command stand is not used.  I do have another pack so eventually I could field the 4 gun battery but at 1500 points I doubt I ever will.  These were fun models to build and they might make it on the table for our next game, whenever that is.

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Tom O said...

Keep adding to the army...looks good! Let's try to get a game in sometime in late April or early May...unless you want to break AIW back out :-)