Sunday, August 12, 2007

Daemonhunters Part 2

For the second installment of my Daemonhunters army will focus on the inducted Space Marines - the Knights of Eden. Since I am doing a radical army I need some serious punch. I can't take the Grey Knights so and inducted Space Marine force is the only real option.

The speeder has one function in this army - tank hunting. The multi-melta is only good for killing tanks and I don't have anything else for this job.

Scouts are scouts and I have yet to take them in the army. Infiltration is the only real strength but I lack any special weapons. Once I add some sniper rifles these guys will see some table time.

A couple of squads of Space Marines form the core of the army. These guys are tough and dangerous. I have focused the configuration on troop killing.

I currently have a single Rhino transport and I rarely use this option. So far the army is very foot oriented. Eventually, I will add a second Rhino and a Landraider. This will give the army a high level of mobility.

This army is made up of stuff I have around. I have not purchased anything specifically for this project, it is all left overs. That is why the configuration is not optimal, I just make do with what I have. Eventually the Space Marines will have enough elements to function as a proper army on their own.

Oh, I painted these guys about 3 years ago. It might be time to go back and touch them up a bit, but I think they still look pretty good.

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