Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Germans

The latest installment in my therapy. I am working on adding more to my WWII German army. I have been a little short on infantry so it was time to get painting. First up is some command figures and other miscellaneous stuff. I particularly like the Medic.

Next are the Panzerschreck teams. I really hate these figures but they are all I have.

Last up is a complete squad of infantry. If you look closely there are a couple of cool helmet covers.

All of these figures are from Black Tree Designs. I really like the early sculpts for this line. The later stuff is by a different sculptor and they are not as well done in my opinion. I have about 25 more infantry to paint and then I can start working on the motorcycle scouts. Then it will be about time for a bunch of new stuff from Crusader to be delivered. I will be working on Germans for a long time.

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Mike G. said...

They look great Rob!