Thursday, March 20, 2008

British Paras

Here is a picture of my Foundry British Para collection so far. The first 15 of these figures were painted by Evil Kevin Shope for my friend Tom. Tom sold his WW2 British collection to me. I have several more figures to expand the collection but Kevin is MIA and cannot paint any more to match. This left me to paint the rest and match them as best as I can. Take a look at the picture above and I think you will see they match pretty well. Below are more detail pictures.

I used the excellent painting guide at the Armies of Dom. These turned out to be a lot more fun to paint than I was expecting. The camo smocks can be a little intimidating. I only have a bout a dozen left, and then maybe I will buy some of the excellent Crusader Paras, or the Artizan or maybe some Bolt Action!

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Benoit Lescarbeau said...

Great smocks! Maybe I should work some more on mine, they pale in comparison...