Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Millenium Toys

I finally tracked down some of the 2008 New Millenium Toys 1/48th scale tanks. These are really hard to find (OK, impossible to find) in Phoenix. Most of the Wal Marts have dropped the 1/48th scale from stock and the Toys R Us still only have the PzIV.

First up is the Panzer 38(t).

Next is the Marder III Sd Kfz 139.

Last is the Marder III Sd Kfz 138M which is mislabeled on the box. I found these in a couple of different Wall Marts, one in Show Low, AZ and the other in Payson, AZ. I just caanot wait to get these on the table!


Mike G. said...

Nice! Wish we could find them locally.

Unknown said...

I've just picked up about six Panzers and that last tank destroyer on your list. I love them! They are so cheap when your shop the Corgi stuff.