Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More WW2 Germans

Time to take a short break from the Space Marines. Today I have some new additions to my WW2 Germans. First up are a couple of PaK 40 AT guns.

Next we have some German tank Hunters.

Anti-tank rifles are not much good but a must have for early war Germans.

Finally we have a couple of 5cm mortar teams.

I still have quite a few items left to paint for this project. Next up might be the motorcycle scouts or perhaps the cavalry.


Mike G. said...

Nice as always. Would love to get a game in soon.

Unknown said...

I love your stuff, I need to start creating better bases for my figures.Everybody seems to like the "matakishi" method...

Robert said...

Interesting. I have never heard of the 'matakishi' method. After reviewing the site it is not exactly the technique I use, but close. I use the 'Cursed Treasures' technique (which I actually taught him).


Mine are a little different. I use either the natural sand or resin sand Liquitex rather than the stucco. I also do not use stactic grass, ever. I prefer the look of Woodland Scenics ground foam and I mix various grades and colors.

Thanks for the comments! Looks like I should do a post on basing soon.

The Inner Geek said...
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