Friday, December 19, 2008

Completed Beast Herds

Ha! I bet you thought the Tale of More than Four Gamers was dead...well it is actually, but I am still working on my Beasts of Chaos army. I have finally completed the first two Beast Herds. Each of these represents the contents of a single regiment box.

The first unit is hand weapon and sheilds. Why? Well...because I got the models already built and I didn't feel like tearing them apart...and I didn't have the bits to make them into a two hand weapon unit.

The second unit is more properly equipped as a two hand weapon unit. Having never played the game I was still able to figure out that a shield is a waste of time for these guys.
These two units put me at about 750 points painted and ready to go. The movement trays are actually borrowed from the Chaos Hounds units. I will be making new trays for the Beast Herds that will be 7 figures wide by 3 ranks deep. Each unit will then have a character attached to help with the poor leadership.

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Tim Kulinski said...


They look awsome as usual my friend, I guess I shall be hearing about how I need to get the Tomb Kings going again!