Friday, January 2, 2009

Sherman IC Firefly

Here we have the Tamiya Sherman IC Firefly model in 1/48th scale. This is the third tank in my 1 Troop, A squadron, 4th County of London Yeomanry. This model was painted and weathered with the same colors and techniques as with the Cromwells, 1 and 2.

On this tank I did a little more chipped paint and added some rust streaks. I did not want to over do it. I think that many tank models really do too much of this sort of thing. If it is overdone then the tank looks like it is 50 years old rather than in service for 6 months.

Now I just need to get another Cromwell and the British figure set so that I can do the Platoon command tank.


Tom O said...

Great stuff Robert!

Unknown said...

That weathering is filled with win!