Sunday, August 9, 2009

WIP - Inquisitor

Work continues on the prep for The Cirian Legacy Inquisitor campaign. There is lots of work to do to collect the cast and create all the sets.

The first batch of figures I am doing are miners. These guys need a raggedy look. They are slaves and indentured servants so they do not have access to nice clothes or fancy gear. Mining tools and hand weapons are all they have. I will need 4-5 figures for the entire campaign.

I have equipped a couple of guys with Breachers. Breachers are usually a bionic arm on a Tech Priest and are used for all sorts of drilling and cutting functions. I felt that the bionic approach was wrong for simple miners so I decided to go with a hand-held version.

The remaining miners are equipped with various hand weapons or tools. One guy is unarmed. The base figures are from Black Cat Bases from the Able Seaman set. These are 18th century pirate/sailors but they should work perfect as Sci-Fi miners with the equipment swaps.

The sets for this campaign range from loading docks to ghettos to the halls of the Tech Priests. My friend, Tim, is working on some terrain for this project as well. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see what he has been working on.
I have been working on the ghettos. These are the homes for the miners and need to have a 40K shanty town look. These buildings are needed for at least one scenario and will be useful for many others. They will also come in handy for Necromunda.

For this project I am using these cool foam pieces. These are packaging pieces from some appliance. They have an excellent shape. These will be filled with the expanding foam insulation that I used on the GW Blastscape set.

These builds are just elaborate false fronts. The buildings will be impassible. My inspiration for this project comes from the "How to Make Wargames Terrain" from Games Workshop. The section on buildings have tons of examples of different building types and styles. The examples that they use in this section is the main inspiration for this project.

I have at least four sets of these building blocks to build. The hard part will be to make each section look unique.


John Lambshead said...

I love converted cultist figures. I never got into Inquisitor.

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice looking miners, when you told me about using the Pirates I though you might have lost it, but after seeing them they look great!

The Hab block is coming along nicely, will they be ready when I get back?

28mm Painter said...

Great Conversions!