Thursday, March 4, 2010

2250 Beastmen List

Back in 2008 I acquired a collection of beastmen models. I tried to get a painting and model building challenge going in by local game group. I managed to get a few models painted but thinks kind of tapered off. The rumors of a new codex for the Beasts of Chaos helped to slow my enthusiasm.

Now that the new codex has been released I have put together my first real Warhammer list. The primary design consideration for this army is to focus on the models I have in the collection. I also wanted and army that looked like an army. Many WHFB armies are nothing more than a few monster models and maybe a single unit of infantry.

Here is what I have come up with for a first try. I am sure the WHFB pros out there can pick it apart.


Beast Lord
Axes of Khorgor
Blade-Blunter Armor

Heavy Armor
Extra Hand Weapon

Battle Standard Bearer
War Banner
Heavy Armor

Level 2
Gnarled Hide
Dispel Scroll
Jagged Dagger

Total - 627


28 Ungor
Full Command

24 Ungor
Full Command

24 Gor
Full Command

24 Gor
Extra Hand Weapon
Full Command

Tuskgor Chariot

Tuskgor Chariot

10 Chaos Warhounds
Poison Attack
Scaly Skin

Total - 1036


20 Beastigor
Full Command

4 Minotaurs
Great Weapons

Total - 562

Army Total - 2225

There it is. The beauty of the army is that it is built and the painting is well under way. I will take a few pictures and do some more work in progress posts. And I will certainly do up a Battle report as soon as I get it on the table.


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

I certainly understand the desire for a WFB army that is actually an army. Beastmen will be a hard army to try and meet that goal - most of the heavy hitters in the book are either Minotaurs or monsters.

For the list that you've created - I would take off the upgrades to the hounds and run them as 2 units of 5. Good for taking quarters, redirecting charges & getting themselves killed off. I would trim a few models off of the Gor/Ungors and add 2-3 small raider units and/or Ungor units. Use these units to ambush (attacking missile units or march blocking the opponent) and to guard your flanks against march blockers. It should not take more than 200 points to add this bit of flexibility to the list & will leave plenty of point for big blocks.

Robert said...

I am sure your ideas will prove to be correct. What you have suggested seems to be more in line with common army building, particularly for the Beastmen.

I do have another box of Warhaounds and by dropping the upgrades, and with the extra points I can add 10 more. This could be in 2 units of 10 or 4 units of 5.

The Ungor Raiders with bows is another unit I would love to add. Once I breakdown and buy them I will make some changes to get them in. This army is sorely lacking in ranged ability.

I have a giant and another unit of Minos waiting in the wings, so as I get a in a few games I can make some adjustments without spending more cash ;-)

Thanks for the ideas and the feedback!

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

The additional box of Minos will be a strong boost to the army. Under the old book, I always used 2 units of Minotaurs. I like 4 in a unit with no upgrades other than GW or extra hand weapon. Command is rather expensive & they generally do enough damage to not need banners or champions.