Sunday, April 11, 2010

Field Battery, Royal Artillery

I have finally finished my Royal Artillery for my Flames of War 8th army project. This was one of the first items I purchased for the project a year ago. I feels good to finally get this done.

This is the entire contents of the Royal Artillery box set from Battlefront.

The first picture is the command teams and the FO team for the unit. Each has there own transport behind.

Next are the guns and the Quad tractors.

This kit has a huge amount of tiny parts and it was kind of fiddly to assemble. Because of all the little bits it was a project that needed to be assembled and painted in stages. I am not totally satisfied with how these turned out but they will work.
Now I just need to paint one more Infantry platoon to have a legal army under the new North Africa lists.


Donogh said...

Fantastic work on these. Not sure I can single anything out, but I do like the commander's table!

Steve said...

Looks really good - must get on with my FoW project!

Big Jim said...

They look great. This is one unit that is the bane of my DAK.

Mike G. said...

So, now we just need to plan a big FOW day for people to bring their stuff and get in a couple of games.