Friday, May 7, 2010

1940 French Command and Support Weapons

After playing a couple of games of Rules of Engagement I decided it was time to paint some more 28mm WW2 figures. These are 1940 French. This is an army that gets no love from history or from gamers but the Crusader figures are very nice. These can be used for the France 1940 campaign (obviously) but also for Norway 1940. They would even work as functional stand ins for Operation Torch, fighting the landings of US and British forces in North Africa.

First we have a couple of officers. I could not find a good reference for how to paint the officers so I sort of winged it. I think they look cool.

Next is an 81mm mortar team.

Below are a couple of HMG teams. A must have!

I have painted up a bunch more riflemen and will have some pictures soon. I still need to paint the rifle grenadiers as well as the 25mm anti-tank gun team. I will also post some pictures of my S35's. This army is nearly done.

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Whisperin Al said...

Very nice! I have some of the Crusader figures as I like gaming early WW2 as it has a different "feel" to the later war - plus I've always liked having the under-dog!